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The Introduction of 505 

September 17, xx19

Death, isn’t it great? To see your victim on its knees begging for mercy before they are finished off? Does one have regrets about what they’ve done? Does one have regrets about what they’ve become? Perhaps they’re real monsters. All of them are monsters. But why? How does one turn into a completely selfish nightmare? How does one form something so cruel? Is it the regrets they feel inside that cause this? Are they being ignored? Do they not feel worthy enough? They try and try and try and they get nothing in return. They feel hopeless, they feel like they do so much yet no one appreciates it. Even if they do, it’s just lies and lies all over again. They are all, monsters. And no one can fix that. No one can heal a monster because their heart is already filled with so much betrayal. It changes them of what another does to them.


Why can’t they just end this all? It’s too messy, they’d rather not get caught and sit in a cell rotting. All the plans they created would go to waste. Instead, they form something so powerful not even they will see it coming. Because that’s what monsters are, right? They don’t show mercy. Why don’t they just wake up and go live a normal life? Because normal is boring. They will show what they are capable of. What was meant only to be a temporary project soon turned permanently. 14 citizens had an idea, so they formed a group. The group was going to be temporarily until they fulfilled their idea, however; it didn’t go to plan. Their ideas were to make everyone’s voices be heard. They wanted to stop being ignored from the people who were higher than them. 


They began establishing pamphlets about new rules stating everyone should be heard equally. Each time they approached it with the Government they got the same response everytime, “We will look into it.” The response got old, making the group realize the Government was just ignoring their pamphlets. As this was happening, the peaceful group soon turned into something more dangerous. The Leader made it clear no one was allowed to leave the group, until their idea was finished. And if anyone wanted to leave it would be death. 


To prevent from being ignored once more, the Leader had a greater idea. Instead of staying being ignored why not cause something to be heard? The Leader called for a meeting to the rest of the members, announcing the plan to them all. If you can’t be heard then why don’t you make some noise? The Leader told them all that the Government was going to have a Speech Day where each employee had a chance to announce their big plans and ideas. This would be the perfect moment to be heard. They were going to kidnap one of the Goverment workers before the Speech Day came, to be heard. 


5 hours before Speech Day the Leader gave 2 members a mission to kidnap a specific Goverment worker, Dianne Victor, the one that kept ignoring their pamphlets. Around 2 in the morning, the 2 members snuck into Dianne’s apartment soon kidnapping her and taking her to where the groups hideout was. The Government worker woke up blindfolded and had her mouth sealed shut, with her arms and legs tied to a post. The 13 members along with the Leader were dressed anonymously, now taking the blindfold off Dianne. 


The young female tried to scream for help, but the hideout was no where close. The Leader approached her, pulling out the pamphlets that they introduced to her. The woman now realized who they were and still disapproved the pamphlets. Taking out a sharp dull knife, they held it up to the womans neck. Soon speaking very softly in a muffled tone, “Approve this or you shall never return to your normal life.” Slowly they took off the seal from her mouth letting Dianne speak, instead all she did as a response was spit in front of the Leaders face. Now knowing the female wouldn’t care what would happen as she wouldn’t agree to this. With no hesitation, the Leader sliced Dianne’s neck, killing her. 2 members were then ordered to hang Dianne up at the Speech Day location and give out a message to the people and show what happens when they don’t cooperate with them. Around 4 am, the 2 went to hang Dianne up, carving into her flesh “505”. 


The group that was once peaceful turned into an organization, to be heard. The organization went by 505, an anonymous, vigilant, group that would be filled with monsters that they are. Around 7 am, the Police Department was notified of the shocking news of Dianne Victors dead body at the Speech Day location. They were confused of what 505 meant. The Police Department won’t see whats coming to them.




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