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SoftestMallow | Vice Headmaster Application


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OOC Information








Age: (Optional)




CST ( UTC - 6:00 )


Describe your activity within the server:

While the server isn't open yet, in a similar Minecraft-based roleplay, School RP. I am active a considerable amount during the afternoon and late into the morning. Depending on the time I wake up, I am on Minecraft for 6 - 12 hours a day. 


Previous warns/bans, if so list them:

I have no bans or major warnings on any server!


Links to previous applications, if so, list them:

I don't have any applications on these forums yet, but I do have a few on the SRP forums. I’ve applied for a few language certifications and other major roles, EMS and judge being the more notable ones.


What is your chosen school employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor,  and teaching assistant )

I am applying to be a part of the SLT, Vice Headmaster


Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

I both acknowledge them and am already quite familiar with the rules.


Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

I acknowledge this and plan to stay as active as possible to avoid being demoted. If I am inactive for any long periods or if my activity is reduced for any reason, I'll contact a higher-up or staff member of the server.


IC Information


Character Name:

Eun Jin 




Current Occupation:

He was previously employed as a grade school teacher, working as a business teacher for a good ten years in a school somewhere in Korea. He is currently seeking out another job due to his previous job shutting down because many violations of the  health and safety code


Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role.


/me entered the bustling classroom with both of his hands outstretched, in the way of the door he simply pushed open and barged in.  Despite his lack of idle smile, he greeted them with a curt bow of his head as he stood there just for a moment. With a quick, 'Excuse me.' Muttered under his breath, he finally stepped into the class to join the many students, finding an empty seat to plant himself in. 


/me joined the many others at the table, not so formally draping his body into a chair next to the Headmasters'. Nestling his papers into an even and organized stack in front of him. Hunched over this stack, a free hand intertwined and busied itself with toying with the long. black cords of the bolo tie he wore. He had to do something to wait for this meeting to start, didn't he? His blank stare, his attention peeled away from the papers he was previously glowering down at when someone decided to chime in. - Finally, the meeting was starting.


/me snatched his radio from his belt, surprising the clip went unharmed by the motion. It was brought up to his mouth so he could talk into the device. Both he and his hand stood frozen into place until he had gotten an answer.


Graduation Year:

High School: 1979 ( 19 )

Bachelor of Business: 1983 ( 23 )

Doctorate of Education: 1988 ( 28 )

Master’s degree in education: 1990 ( 30 )





Business, fine arts


Academic Degree:

High School diploma 

Bachelor of Business 

Doctorate of Education

Master’s degree in education


/Minimum is 150 words/

Eun Jin grew up in Busan, Korea with his older brother Jae-kyuk Jin. Despite the large age gap these 2 brothers had, they both had a strong relationship in Eun's younger years before Jae-kyuk ended up moving out of the house to finish school at another location. Eun always wanted to be like his older brother and work in education and that is what he set out to be at a young age. In school, Eun didn’t do as well as his brother Jae-kyuk and suffered a bit academically. He always enjoyed the more creative side of things and wished to focus on the arts rather than academic classes like English and Science. His parents didn’t seem too happy, they wanted both of them to go into a more high paying job like medicine or law.

 Eun continued to not do the best academically until highschool, he took a class in business and fell in love with it. This made him get his degree in business in the future. Though he was older he still wanted to follow his brother's footsteps and wanted to work in education like Jae-kyuk. Also during highschool, Eun did very poorly one year and got set back, his parents were NOT happy. After graduating highschool, Eun started his journey in higher education. He started off with his bachelors in which he got one in Business, during his time though he became a substitute teacher at the school near them to make extra money and get experience. In his free time he continued to do art and draw, even doing commissions for a short period of time. After graduating he continued his education and went for his masters in education, here he met the love of his life who was a flight attendant. Shortly after meeting her though, they got married and they have been somewhat happy since. 

When he finished his masters he thought he would be done and ended up searching for a job. He became a principal at one school and worked there for a few years before the school had to shut down because of massive, uncontrollable mold growing in the bathroom. He then went back to school to get his PhD in Education. After finishing everything he settled down finally with his wife in a small house still in Busan, because she was a flight attendant they didn’t see each other everyday and despite that they still love each other. Eun got another job at another school, being a vice-principal this time and worked there for many years. The students seemed to love him, he was a bright and happy VP and loved showing students his art, he seemed the complete opposite of his brother. Eventually the school shut down from violating a bunch of health and safety codes and at 62 he wasn’t sure where to go. He got in contact with his brother, learning a similar thing happened to him a few years ago and he was looking for a job too! So they decided to apply to the same schools around Korea to work together. Let's just hope whatever school accepts them won’t get shut down or burn down! 


/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

Examining their behavior is where he’d start, rushing into situations where any other faculty can do the job just fine would be something he wants to avoid. Though if he was the only one around to discipline these hooligans, he’d first get their attention to then give a simple warning to correct the tomfoolery they were pulling. Of course it really depended on what they were doing and how bad they were misbehaving, it would turn into two more verbal warnings and then a free hand out of detention slips. If they were a well known rebel with a lengthy history of goofing off, he’d have to invite them not only to detention, but to his office as well.


What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

Eun couldn’t possibly stand for a student disrespecting another or another staff member, his radio would be pulled out and he’d step in. Doing what others must do to get disrespectful children’s attention, raising his voice, asserting himself in their monkey business. They will be warned and if spotted misbehaving again, they will be whisked away to his office.


What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:

As he and the many members of SLT were in charge of the discipline of not only the students that attend the school but the many employees that work underneath them, he’d feel conflicted, as anyone would be. School employees would have the proper training and discipline to think before they act, to know what was supposed to be done. He would step in, pushing himself into the situation to try and quickly correct the employee, warn them for what they were doing. If it was a continuous thing, SLT would be contacted and a meeting would be scheduled. 



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Thank you so much for applying for this position, after further review we have decided to accept your application!


Please ping luvnbeppy#6192 for your roles in the discord

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Education Faction Lead

Media Team Coordinator

EMS Psychiatrist Head

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