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El1na_ | Nurse application! | University side | [Nabi Ji-Yoon]


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OOC Information






Age: (Optional)




Describe your activity within the server: 

I am very active within the discord server, I will be able to be active in SeoulRP, so

about a solid 8-9/10.


Previous warns/bans, if so list them:



Links to previous applications, if so, list them:

None currently, thinking about applying as a builder as well.

What is your chosen school employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor,  and teaching assistant )

I'm applying for School Nurse for UNI side.

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

Yes, I do and I respect the rules given.

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

 Yes, I am aware.

IC Information


Character Name:

Nabi Ji-Yoon



Current Occupation:

Assistant nurse at a Children's hospital.

Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role.


/me Looking up to the noise of students, noticing an injured student. "Oh dear, Its ok! It can be stressful when you're hurt, just try to take some deep breaths. Taking deep breaths will help. I'll be with you soon! Stay calm." Quickly stood up and walked to the door to let them in. "Where are you injured?" Looking around to notice their leg was injured, "A few scratches? You'll be ok! Lets go to the bed and get it cleaned and wrapped in some bandages." Helping the injured student to the bed. and inspecting the injury.


/me  "Ok!" Giving the student a warm smile. "Its going to be alright, I promise." turned to the cabinet next to her. Reaching into the cabinet pulling out gloves, two towels, and a bandage wrap. Walking to the sink and turning the faucet on warm, putting one towel under the warm water and squeezing the extra out of the towel. Walking back to the student then gently dabbing the towel around the cut to clean it up. Looking at the cut again, inspecting it to see how bad it actually was. After cleaning it she began to cover the minor cut with some bandages. 


/me Gave the student a warm smile, helping them off the bed. "All done! See, wast that bad!" She would proceed to walk them to the door, opening it and waving goodbye then shutting the door. As she walked back to the desk sitting down.


Graduation Year: 







Academic Degree:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


/Minimum is 150 words


Nabi Ji-Yoon was born 1994 on July 3rd. Seonu grew up in Seoul, South Korea with her parents. Her parents weren't the best parents due to their own health issues. because of them Nabi at the young age of 5 was almost on her own to take care of herself. Because of the absent of her parents her uncle took her in and she was under his care. Nabi hated watching her parents be in pain and not knowing how to help. She decided one day that she wanted her uncle to show her how to care for her parents. Her uncle showed her easy stuff, this included what medication she needed to give to who, what time they could and could not have it, and what they needed with their medication. While Nabi grew up helping take care of her parents she became very independent. She also started to find more and more interest in helping people. She created herself a dream, she decided that she was going to become a doctor, nurse, or a surgeon. She was dedicated to make one of her many dreams come true. After a long time to think about it, she choose to work to become a nurse. Nabi went to high school and focused on her classes, she took many AP classes that included biology, chemistry, algebra, and more that got her closes to becoming a nurse. After spending so much time studying and getting good grades she placed the highest overall scoring student in her class, and came in third place overall in her high school. When she was done with high school she went straight into college. Going onto college she was worried about how her parents would be and how her uncle would do taking care of them. Her uncle was always there to support her and reassure her that her parents were in proper care. Even though Nabi was there for her parents, taking care of them, feeding them, and helping around the house for them, her parents really didn’t care about her leaving for college. After Nabi when to college, she worked hard studying, getting good grades, and making sure she was one of the top three of her classes she would come home on the breaks and help with her sick parents. Half way throughout the second school year, she got terrible news about her mother who had passed away overnight. Even though her mother never took care of her she still was broken by the news. Nabi's  grades dropped terribly where she was almost kicked out of her collage. She asked the college to let her have a two week break to go home and try to get back on her feet. They agreed and let her go home to her uncle. When she came home her uncle heard of what happened to her grades and was there for her. For the two weeks she was home he helped her get back on her feet and was able to help raise her grades to a good amount for when she returned to school. When she returned she studied endlessly to make sure she could complete and achieve her dream. She even ask around to get opportunities to shadow other doctors and nurses, or volunteer at children hospitals for experience. She ended up graduation 9th in her school and graduating with a BSN degree in 2020. After she finished college she moved out of her uncle's house into a nice small apartment and started to look for jobs. When she stumbled upon Seoul Academy and saw that they were hiring nurses she decided she wanted to apply for this school.


/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

I would tell them once in a firm voice that what they're doing is wrong and that they need to stop or they will get detention. If they still fail to listen I'd give them detention. I'd make sure they know what they did was wrong and that this school will not tolerate such behavior. 

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

Give them a warning, let them know what they did was wrong. If they continue I'll tell them the consequences and if they still aren't fixing their behavior, I'd give them detention. If they start attempting to hurt one-another I would step in and attempt to calm down the situation and make sure that I call higher ups. If they get upset about it, I'll remind them on what they did so they and how it was wrong and how it got them detention. If they fail rp I will report to the staff of SLRP.

What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:

I would make sure they are aware that what they're doing is dangerous to them and possibly students. If they continue doing this, I would either call a higher up or attempt to stop the employee from doing what they're doing. if they continue or still aren't listening I'd call a higher up or possibly Spd if its very serious and is endangering others.

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Thank you so much for applying for this position, after further review we have decided to accept your application.


Please ping or dm disequilibrium#6192 for your role in the School Faction Discord!

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EMS Psychiatrist Head

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