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IGN (In Game Name): 


Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 


Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 


Describe your experience with roleplay:

My experience with roleplay started when I was young. I grew up with my older brother and we both had an expansive imagination. We would often pretend to be Jedi and Sith from Star Wars, or play with legos and act out scenes with our imaginations. When I got older, I started roleplaying on Minecraft creative serves, as well as GTA V online. I would often roleplay out whatever I thought was fun, oftentimes making new characters each time I played. However, that only lasted so long before I got attached to my characters. When I found SRP, I found a new love for roleplay. I learned more types of roleplay, specifically GangRP and CriminalRP.  These truly piqued my interest and I continued to roleplay on the server. I expanded my reach to other types of roleplay, like BusinessRP, NewsRP, and more. These all build upon each other with my characters, as they all are a part of me as a person out of character. Now I want to bring this experience to this server.

What is Escalation in your own words:

The term escalation is used to describe when one small issue slowly grows into a larger problem until it is no longer able to be controlled. It can be visualized as a domino falling, causing a chain reaction that started off as a simple misstep but led to the entire line collapsing into chaos. A real-world example could be a simple dispute such as cutting someone off in the road. It can escalate into road rage and then either lead to a screaming match between drivers or even an accident between the two drivers.

Do you have a microphone?:

I do have a microphone.

List your past BMD applications:


What is your reason for applying?:

My motivation for applying for the Black Market Dealer position is to experience more forms of roleplay. I appreciate all aspects of roleplay, but one that I love the most is GangRP. While not a direct force of Gang Roleplay, BMDs are the individuals that arm the gangs in the city, allowing them to commit their crimes. This responsibility should be held by someone who understands the risks and is willing to take them. I know I can handle the responsibility and face the consequences if I fail to keep my end of the deal. BusinessRP is another form of roleplay I love, and as a BMD, both aspects are put together, which will allow me to get the best of both worlds.

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:

I acknowledge that I am not allowed to abuse the fact that I get weapons for cheaper prices.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 

I acknowledge the fact that if I am arrested or killed, I will lose my role as a BMD.

What is your knowledge on Black Market:

The Black Market is an underground syndicate dedicated to selling illegal goods, which for the most part are weapons. The act of selling these goods is highly illegal, and if caught will lead to an arrest for a long period of time. Goods that can be sold are illegally hunted animals and their body parts, such as ivory from elephant tusks or rhinoceros horns, to endangered animals being sold alive to be pets, as well as their pelts, to smuggling people in and out of countries for a price. The black market will do anything as long as they get paid, no matter the risk. 


IC Section

(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)

 Anything in Quotes is in Character. There will be an IC answer and OOC answer to applicable questions.

What makes your character Unique?

"I wouldn't say I am that unique. I'm simply someone who believes in karma. I also believe that you can make karma come early if you take it into your own hands. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, then do you really deserve revenge? My point exactly. Even though I don't believe that weapons should be used when getting revenge, I can't force everyone to see from my point of view."

My character is unique due to her ability to change depending on the situation. She has a mask for all situations she is in, whether it's her making a weapon deal, where she is cold and intimidating, to being the best of friends with figures in high positions, walking around with a smile on her face as if she had no blood on her hands. Ayako has an intimidating height, standing at 6’2 and has been a trained fighter since young. Her fists have been honed to be weapons by her family, and she will use them if she needs. However, she prefers to use words, even with her sharp tongue that could offend others with her choice of words and lack of filter.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

"My reason for wanting to be a dealer? Easy.. It's for information. Information is power in this world. And in the underworld, information will get you far. With information comes power, and who doesn't crave power? I gained power through fighting my whole life, but its not enough. I want to be able to hold power over others. If I control the flow of weapons, then I can control who can kill and who can't.. well.. somewhat. I think I've said enough.."

My characters reason for becoming a dealer is to get into the underground world. She has lived by the books for far too long, and once she had killed her first person, she knew she found what she wanted to do. Whether it was through her own hands or indirectly leading others to their demise. Ayako is not heartless, but she is not a saint. She knows that everyone has their own reason for taking another’s life, just as she had. To fulfil that wish is what she wanted, and by selling weapons, she could help many get their revenge.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

"You want to know my past? I'm simply a boxer. I'll kick your a- sorry, I got carried away. I won all my matches before retiring and becoming a coach. I love the sport,  and I only train winners. My girls and boys haven't lost a match yet. If they do, they'll get a scolding that will be with them for the rest of their life. I won't get more into my history with you. I don't trust you enough with that information. I don't want to be controlled, and with my history, you can do just that."

August 5th in Busan, Korea, Ayako was born to the Yang family. They were a long renowned family which produced skilled fighters and coaches. The girl was born small, weighing only 6 pounds, below average. This caused her family to only be harsher on her as she grew up, being rediculed for being smaller. When Ayako could stand on her own, she begun to train to fight. Her mother, Seong, was the one who nurtured her as well as she could, making sure Ayako was well fed and got fulfilling sleep. Her father, Ryeo Yang on the other hand pushed her to her limits, even when she was just a young girl. 

By the time Ayako was 8, she knew how to hold a proper boxing stance, throw harsh jabs and swing powerful hooks. However, that was when things took a turn for the worse. Ryeo saw that his daughter wasn’t growing to be as strong as her cousins, which he believed to be disgraceful. He began to have her start fighting him instead of her cousins of the same age range, who often beat her until she couldn’t stand. Now, she was going up against someone with way more experience. Up against a former champion boxer. At first, he didn’t lay a hand on her and months had passed before Ayako landed her first punch against her father. Realizing she was not learning much, Ryeo was disappointed and decided to go more hands-on with his approach. 

He started to train her harsher, making her punch concrete slabs until she could break them, do calesthenic exercises until she couldn’t breathe, and cardio until she felt like her lungs would burst. Ayako often had bloodied or broken knuckles, but even when her hands were in this condition, she had to train her punches. Seong tried her best to help her daughter, but once Ryeo saw the kindness his wife was showing their daughter, he hit her. This abuse was only behind closed doors for years, where Ayako could nto see. Years passed and Ayako grew older and stronger, being able to keep up with the exercises as they were being added onto. She had to run miles with ankle weights and do pullups with chains wrapped around her. She continued to push all the abuse to win over her father’s approval.

At age 15, she finally began training to properly fight a skilled opponent. Her father constantly fought her and left her bloodied and beaten, all in the name of training her for a real fight. At first, she couldn’t keep up with her father’s speed and power, but she began to learn his style. She took parts of his style and implemented them to make her own. Making a style where she remained light on her feet, using force to propel her to her desired position before planting herself like a tree to throw her punches. While not unorthodox, this style worked wonders for her once she got the hang of it. 2 years passed before she mastered it and finally beat her father in one fight. That led her father to train her harder to the point of fatigue before fighting, so she could get used to the feeling and beat him again. She ended up taking another year to complete this final step.

After beating her father through all the harsh conditions she was put in, she entered her first professional boxing match. She went against an up and coming boxer, a middleweight boxer by the name Dokgo Young. Her opponent had won 3 matches in a row and was seen as a prodigy. This was different from Ayako, who had her family title hidden until after her debut to protect her family’s legacy. Most would feel nervous for their first match, but Ayako was excited. To fight someone other than her father sparked something in her that nothing else had in her life. The match lasted one round, and the audience was left in stunned silence. Ayako danced around the ring with a quick paced boxing style that her family specialized in, choosing not to use her own form. She bullied the young girl in the ring, leaving her on the ground after 5 punches from Ayako, all of them being held back to not deal too much damage to her opponent. After all, Ayako had been forced to split concrete with a punch. Her fists had long been numb to pain, and everything else. Her sense of touch had died down. Ayako didn’t feel fulfilled in her first match, and after the fight, Ayako was announced to be a member of the Yang family, leading her to easily be given more matches. This streak of quick wins lasted until her record was 11-0.

Her twelveth match was the one that many had been waiting for. Ayako had to go against the champion of her weight class, an older Russian lady by the name Sasha Isao. Ayako did what she did in every match, however her punches seemed to not be doing anything to her opponent. That was when Ayako met a punch that reminded her of her father. Ayako was sent to the ground in a single swing, and the round had ended after she got back up and the bell ring. She felt humiliated and her father told her off. A single piece of advice was given to her, three words. Show no mercy.  When the bell went off, Ayako changed the way she had been fighting everyone else, now feeling more comfortable. After a short lunge to get close to her opponent, Ayako planted her feet to the floor of the ring and threw a feint with her left arm before throwing a right hook that sent the champion down to the ground, harder than she had in the previous round. Imagining Sasha’s head as the concrete slab she had been forced to break, she used all her pent up anger and knocked the larger woman unconscious, leading to her victory. 

After getting home that night, she had a feast, and was shown the sign of approval from her father. But that night did not end in happiness. Ayako had chosen to sneak out of the home to attend a party her friends had hosted for her championship win. The party went well, but when she arrived at home, she witnessed Ryeo beating Seong. Seeing her mother getting beaten, Ayako lost all respect for her father. She rushed towards him and threw a punch to the side of his head, sending him flying to the side. The metallic echo of his skull colliding with metal was all she heard, and red liquid oozing from his head. She entered a trance, where she walked over him and continued to punch him over and over. All the memories of her being beaten throughout her life and the sight of her mother being hurt before her eyes flooded her mind.  By the time Ayako was pulled off by her mother, her knuckles were bloodied, and her fathers face was disfigured, the blood coating the floor in a dark red. There was no way to tell which blood was from Ayako’s knuckles or Ryeo’s injuries. But the only feeling Ayako felt was satisfaction. She held no remorse to her father who was now murdered by her hand. And after the beginning of a scolding, Ayako snapped. She threatened her mother, stating that if anyone learned about what happened, then she will join her husband. Seong had lost her husband and daughter, now having to live under fear. Ayako continued training without her father, and moved onto the heavyweight bracket, where she dominated her opponents. She felt the shackles were released and only held back so her opponents could survive the match. Not for their sake, but so she could continue fighting without being arrested. After ending her career with 50 wins and 0 losses, she retired with money and moved to be a personal trainer and coach for anyone she saw potential in.

However, she remember the feeling she felt from killing her father. The feeling of fulfilling her revenge. A sense of revenge she had hidden since she was a child. Doing some anonymous research, she discovered the dark web. With more digging, she satisfied her knowledge of the black market. Weapon deals drew her attention, and she wished to be able to sell weapons that could lead others to fulfil their own revenge. She herself didn’t like using weapons, feeling they were a weak excuse to not train the body, but if used as an extension, then they were acceptable. Ayako felt her home in Busan wasn’t fit for her, so she sought to move to the city of Seoul, the capital of her beloved country. She wanted a new beginning, for better, or for worse.

First and last name:

"Name is Ayako Yang."


"Call me Taijitu. Don't know what it means? Look it up."

Current Occupation Or Hobby:

"I'm an ex-boxer. Now I coach whoever catches my eyes and train anyone who cares enough."

 Age (25+):

"I'm 25 years old. Happy to know that?"


"Open your eyes. Do I look like a guy? I'm very clearly a female"


"I'm Korean-Japanese. Dad moved here from Japan years before I was born."

Additional information:


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After a great amount of review it has been decided that you will not be accepted into the Black Market as a Dealer. You were denied for the potential reasons of:
- OOC Behavior
- General lack of detail
- Lack of activity
- Community Blacklist

The reason you were denied may not be in this list. If you believe else, you can reach out to me at Matt-#7112

Hello, I am Matt. Otherwise known as Manager at Technical Team. Reach out to me on Discord for help and other things: @fqm


Community Manager

Black Market Lead/Crime Lead

Laundromat Owner

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