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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag: 

Time zone: 

Server Activity: 
I have no activity, due to the server not being up. However, I know that when the server is active, I will be on for at least 30 hours a week from my experience with other roleplay servers. My university allows me to have a 3 day weekend, which I will spend playing the server, due to my love for roleplay, and my classes will not hinder my ability to play during the week, either. 

Previous warns/bans: 

Business Information

Business Name: 

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.): 
My business will be a Toy Store, selling all kinds of fun items from plushies, toys weapons, etc.

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:
My motivation for applying for shopkeeper is to expand into other areas of roleplay. I have roleplayed on other platforms and servers, but never have I owned a shop. I believe it would be a fun experience and very fun. I know I will be able to open the shop at times that work for many players and will be able to reach any quota I must fulfil a month. I know I will be able to judge player traffic and open at times according to the times that most players are online so players can purchase their items. I know I can take on the responsibility of owning a shop, and I will be able to show off my leadership skills in this position and manage the shop properly. I have made my presence more known, slowly but surely, and have been meeting more and more people. I know how to BusinessRP, and know I can quickly learn more as I take on this position. I am very passionate about applying to become a shopkeeper since I know this role is a great fit for me.

Unique description about your business:
The aesthetic of the shop will be warm and welcoming, as well as bright and cheerful. I plan on using brighter colors on the exterior to draw the eyes of onlookers, while the interior uses more warm and relaxing colors to ease the eyes, as well as make it easier to browse. I want everyone to be comfortable, both when they are working and when they are shopping, so I want to make the place as homely as possible. I will allow the employees to wear anything they wish, not confining them to a uniform. This will also allow them to start working faster and have the shop open quicker.

References (Interior & Exterior)





(Entrance will have brighter colors)





 What is your business selling:
The business will sell toys, fun accessories, game consoles, and silly phones. Some item ideas:

Water guns
 animal plushies (Such as dog, cat, panda, dolphin, dinosaur, etc.)
action figures (toy cars, doll houses)
toy weapons (lightsabers, foam swords, foam shields, nerf guns) 
Night vision goggles
Logo Phone Case
Panda Phon
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DS
And items similar to these.



1. Scavenger hunt. This will take place around the entire city. Each player will be given a book with all sorts of things they must find, such as animals or toys. These will be toys sold in the store held by the shops employees. The first 5 people to find the location of each employee will get a free toy from the store, price depending on who arrived first. 

2. Bingo night. This event may be held more frequently, depending on how successfully the first event turns out. Customers will be seated and each given a card with random numbers. Numbers will be called at random and the first 3 people to get bingo will get a prize, whether cash or a toy sold at the store. 

3. Grand Opening. This event will only happen on the first day we open, where the items will be 10% off for all customers during the entire opening. This is to celebrate the first opening of the shop (surprising) but also to show that the shop is not all for profit, but for joy of its customers.


How many employees will you be recruiting: 
I plan on having a total of 18 employees at a time. These spots include the shop owner, managers, senior employees, as well as regular employees. The shop will start with only the owner and 2 managers, then open applications when the shop is ready. Afterward, six employees will be chosen and become trial employees. These employees will have to work to prove themselves to become standard employees. After filtering out the hard workers from the others, another batch of trial employees will be hired, while the most hardworking of the employees will be promoted to Senior Employees. I’m choosing to keep the number of employees a smaller size, since only 2-3 employees will be working each shift, and this way it will be easier to allow everyone to work evenly. Overtime, more spots may open up, allowing more players to be hired and work.

Business Owner (1)
This position is self-explanatory. They are the owner of the shop and the person who hold the most responsibility to the shop. The owner of the shop orders restocks when items get low, they ensure employees are following the rules and not stealing from the shop, as well as the person who has the final say in hiring and firing employees. The shop owner is the one who creates the discord server, making sure all the channels and permissions are correct, as well as managing the server.

Managers (2)
The managers are the left and right hands of the owner. These individuals are the ones who maintain the shop when the owner is unavailable, and are the most trusted of the employees. These two are the ones who assist in checking applications and handpicking the ones who get the chance to become an employee. They are also the ones who help in managing the inventory, making sure everything is correct, and they are the ones who inform the shop owner to place an order for a restock if they have not already. These two can request to start shifts and manage the shift if the shopkeeper cannot.

Senior Employees (3)
Senior employees are the most hardworking employees, having proven themselves to be worthy of this position. They work as many shifts as they can, are honest in paying their owes without putting up much fuss, as well as keep polite to the customers, and always stay calm under stress. They are still cashiers, working the registers. These employees have more benefits than normal employees, including less of their pay being deducted from them. They can request for a shift to be started, but they need to have either a manager or a shopkeeper start it and watch over it.

Employees (Cashiers) (12)
The employees are the backbone of the shop. They are the ones who work the front and manage the registers. They deal with the customers and are the ones taking the orders and handing out the desired products. There would not be as good a shift without these employees.

Trial Employees
Every worker in the shop begins as a trial employee. This is the first step in progressing through the ranks of the shop. These employees are then scouted by higher management and are then promoted to normal employees, where they can progress higher depending on how active they are, and how much they are trusted by management.

Character Information 

Fiorenza Oshiro
On January 25th, 1995, Fiorenza was born in Florence, Italy to Diane Mazzio and Severin Deniaud. The girl’s mother was a sweet Italian woman, and her father was a sweet French man. The couple loved their daughter dearly, however did not have the facilities to raise their daughter. That did not stop them from trying their best, filing for loans and working more and more jobs. Inevitably, when Fiorenza was 3 years old, her father was arrested for stealing money from his job, and her mother got sick from stress.
Fiorenza was taken from their custody and placed into the foster system. She was in the system for 3 months before being taken in by her first family. The Lyon family took her in and moved to Korea. She remained in this family for another 2 years, until she was taken from the home and put back into the foster system. Fiorenza did not like the environment, how she was constantly being spoken to by families and the interactions in general. The young girl was disheartened from losing the two families she had come to know, and did not want to be abandoned yet again, so she began lashing out at the potential parents. A week before her 9th birthday, the orphanage she was housed in was struck by lightning. Fiorenza was left behind during the storm and wasn’t able to escape through the building. She snuck out of a broken window, digging shards of glass into her hands, and slid off the roof, landing on a dumpster and ending up unconscious.
This was when Fiorenza was found by the Oshiro family, specifically, Ryeo Oshiro. She brought the girl home, gave her a warm bath, warm dinner, and let her have a good night's rest. However, she couldn’t give the guest all her attention, as she had to give attention to her other children, a 5 year old, and a newborn. Once the girl awoke, she was expecting to be kicked out or be returned to the foster system, but Ryeo offered her a permanent home. Fiorenza was adopted by the family, and helped around the house and assist in taking care of her siblings, along with her new mother.
When she was 10 years old, the Oshiro’s enrolled their two daughters into a private academy for them to get a better education. Fiorenza was tasked with making sure her sister, Eun-Jae Oshiro was safe and making sure she was not getting bullied. The girl made sure to follow through with instructions, and watched over her sister at every possible opportunity, following through with her instructions. One day, she saw her little sister getting bullied, so she quickly jumped in to defend her, getting into a fight which led to her getting suspended, but due to her stubbornness, she got herself expelled. Fiorenza was scolded for her escalating things to this point, but was also praised for defending her sister. Her parents put her into homeschooling and monitored her closely to make sure she didnt act out, which she did not. After some time, she ended up being the full time carer for her siblings when their parents both had to start working full-time. Taking care of her siblings was Fiorenza’s top priority, even over her own education. Having to attend virtual classes between cleaning the house, doing laundry and all of the other housework alone took a toll on the girl.
That was until July 1st, where the entire family was thrown in for a loop. When the kids all woke up, their parents were gone. Thinking it was another normal day, she did her normal duties, but when she went to clean her parent's room, it was empty. She now had to provide for her two younger siblings, so she got herself a job and started to work to make some income for them to live off of. She quickly sold everything else she could. To save money, she and her siblings moved into an apartment near the school so she didn’t have to spend much time in the morning walking them. The girl worked full-time and took virtual classes at night. She went through college like this, getting her master's degree after majoring in Business and Accounting, with a minor in Economics.
After her graduation, she continued to work at her job, but felt a desire for more. After looking back on her life, she believed she could do much more owning a business of her own. After some brainstorming, she thought of what she lacked as a child, and eventually landed on the idea of opening a business to sell toys. Something that could bring families together. Something she could barely provide for her own family, but now she potentially could. She was willing to take a chance, and petition for ownership of a shop.

Fiorenza is a kind, joyful woman who loves her family. She is very outgoing and extroverted, which leads her to go out and make as many friends as she could. However, she can also be respectful and professional, which is shown whenever she needs to work or has any meetings she has to attend where the setting is more formal. Fiorenza will also not stand for bullies, where she will drop her kindness and put the person in their place. 

Fiorenza is a short woman, standing at 5 ft. She has dark wavy brown hair that goes down to her mid back. She has olive green eyes that hold a gentle gaze, that which is even kinder than her personality. Her right wrist has a small tattoo of the symbol ‘Inguz’ and smells like lavender.

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I have decided to place your application on pending - you will receive a response the next time applications are reviewed.

If you have any questions feel free to message me (lust#6358)

Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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