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Xyevv | Paramedic application


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OOC Information:








Do you have a microphone?

I do, but due to mental disability I am unfortunately mostly mute.



GMT [BST in the summers]


Any Previous ban/warns?

N/A, One previous ban but it was quelled within minutes of happening as a misunderstanding.


How active are you?
I plan to be active on SLRP on release fulfilling my roles for business work and building. I am almost always active on the forums and discord too.  I am always open to answering DMs and questions whenever I'm awake! Though I do struggle with my own health so I often need to take breaks.


Why are you interested in joining EMS?

I am interested from my previous experiences as a surgeon though also want to expand my work into more emergent situations which are more tense! Since I have both experience in high stakes coprp and high stakes emsrp, I believe going back into a new field could help me learn something new. I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with all sides of the community using my love for emergency service work!


What skills can you bring to EMS?

I can bring my previous experience in being a Surgeon on other RP servers and my interest in medical procedures. I may not  currently have all the knowledge needed to complete this role, but I am happy to attend training and do research as is required of me!  I have been a surgeon previously for about 4 months total. I also believe I could do a good job as a paramedic due to my experience with plenty of coprp, with over two years experience as well.


What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]



Are you familiar with Detailrp?

I have been RPing for over a decade now, and am most familiar with literate types of RP. I have most experience with putting extreme details into my actions that can take upwards of 6 double appends to finish, as I enjoy setting the scene correctly and enjoy putting emotion into my RP.


Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?

After creating this application I am immediately subjecting myself to the removal or denial of my application, termination of my employment or being warned if I am unable to follow through with the promises I have made in applying. 


IC Information:


Character name:

Hwan Dae-Ho





Current occupation:

Emergency surgeon - Taito, Tokyo.


Languages Spoken:

Japanese, Korean, English


Why would you like to join EMS?

He is described to be compassionate, even if his methodology behind such is more strict than most would enjoy. Hwan despite this, has dedicated his life previously to supporting people who need it urgently; alongside his own health. After his young daughter passed away to cancer due to medical neglect, the current nurse in training decided to go through extra education to become a qualified surgeon able to work under mountains of pressure. After working in Tokyo for years, he decided to move to Korea to start anew after his first divorce from his wife. Used to the life of major cities he picked Seoul to be his main city of work. He hopes to join the Seoul Paramedic team to continue his hard work to support more people.

" I come from a place of hardships, which I have worked through through the supporting of others. I would like to join the team to continue the work I left behind in Tokyo, and that despite my age I will still be able to support hundreds of innocent citizens when they need it most. It's an honour to have this opportunity. "


What is your characters outlook on team work?

There is nothing more important to him, Hwan puts teamwork above everything, especially during emergency scenarios where time is on the line. While being competitive, he always tries to uplift others with strict training regimes to ensure that everyone is working at their peak performance. 

" I believe that to have a good team, communication is key. Honesty too; you need to be harsh with each other to uplift each other and I enjoy doing that. You can't work in an emergency setting without having a full understanding of your co workers. That energy and bond really makes or breaks a team. It's important to set biases aside for your co-workers, though. "


What is your characters personality like?

He is quite overly serious and professional on duty, not letting up and often appears cold; though he means well. When you get to know him though; he tends to open up more and be more welcoming, usually over a drink or two. 

" I do not enjoy opening  up during working hours as I am supposed to be professional. Though I suppose after hours I can be close to others. I do care; I am simply quite sharp-tongued about it. "


How does your character work under pressure?

Exceedingly well, Hwan has been performing under surgical pressure for years and is accustomed to making decisions swiftly to ensure the best outcomes for his patients. Alongside this, he works on his own personal fitness so he is agile and swift with his movements with a sturdy stance and grip.  His experience is his best quality.

" I have been a surgeon for 15 years now, and each working day I would spend 10 hours working under pressure, I have that experience under my belt that I am proud of; and that  I can easily replicate in any sort of working environment that is required of me. I am qualified to drive in an emergency vehicle,  perform emergency surgeries and am agile in what I do, which is why I was so successful at my previous job for the years I was in my position. "



Hwan was born in December 1980, his parents both being a veterinary assistant and nurse. From a young age he was raised playing dress up and to behave properly alongside his two other siblings of whom he adored; and hoped to become a nurse like his father. He was made to study hard throughout school  and during his final years in education before ascending to higher learning; he fell ill from stress. He was subject to a lot of emotional neglect from his parents becoming more adamant on his studying, and was never able to truly make friends. While in medical school his hard work continued; and his own health suffered for it. He was commonly subject to different illnesses associated with over stress. But made it through medical school, where he met his first wife at a restaurant. 

Him and his wife married early, only after a few years; now 26 he was expecting his first child. Working in an old persons home to support his family. Though their child came healthily, at 3 years old she was diagnosed with cancer and died subsequently. In grieving he grew desperate to support other families that had suffered the grief he had, and returned to schooling for further training. 

After qualifying and becoming even more busy, his wife divorced him as he was never home, with his entire life in shambles, he chose to move to Korea. 

" That's a brief summary of my story, you can see all my previous medical files and information on me on the governmental logs. "


Criminal record:





By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

" I swear by this oath and will be held to it with only the highest of standards. "

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