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CYXNEUS's German Language App

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IGN (In Game Name) CYXNEUS

What Language are you applying for? : 


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters) :

Laurent was born in Mitten Wald, Germany, and raised there for the early stages of his life. He was born to his two parents, Archie and Erika, both of whom were born and raised in Germany as well. From a young age, Laurent was spoken to in German, as that's simply the language his parents spoke! However, of the two, it was his mother that taught him to speak. She worked incredibly hard, too, as he wasn't exactly. . The easiest baby to persuade. He was, and still is, incredibly stubborn, and so it took a lot to get him to speak. It was simple things at first, just basic sounds and easy words for him to babble. Just little wins. His first 'word' was 'Mama,' which she took absolute pride in! Once she got that win, she moved over to harder words and sounds. By around a year, or maybe even a year and a half, he had short sentences down. . And boy, was it hectic! He loved to scream his favorite words, even screaming some, erm, words children should not say. Yeah. . He was something, that's for sure. After he turned two, his mother switched to different forms of learning. She used flashcards, games, even little songs to help him learn. Of the three, songs absolutely worked the best. Which makes sense now that he's older, he's an auditory learner. Being able to hear the words and little sayings to remember them helped a ton, and he still uses a bunch of them today! Mainly to spell words, though, but still! He was able to pick up on most things quite well, but he did struggle! He is human, after all, he isn't great at everything. Umlauts were an absolute nightmare, as his mother was unable to find a good way for him to remember them. They just sound odd, especially when there's different variations for each one! It was so hard for him to remember. His mother worked so hard on these with him, and now, he's a master at them! Well, sort of.

Despite all of this, he's not a walking dictionary. He doesn't know every single word made, and so, he is constantly learning! He does know quite a few, though, considering this is his native tongue.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay? :

Laurent is very, very German. He was born and raised there, and interacts with his German-speaking family everyday. Being able to actually roleplay with this language would open new doors for him, as he'd be able to communicate with his family icly, and whatever German-speaking friends, or coworkers he might see!

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Paste the link to this post in the #help channel in the SeoulRP discord when the server is released to get the language on your account! 

Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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