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Joetempz Vice dean application

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OOC Information






Age: (Optional)



Describe your activity within the server:


Previous warns/bans, if so list them:


Links to previous applications, if so, list them:

What is your chosen school employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor,  and teaching assistant )

Vice - Dean 

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

I have read over all off them and  I understnad

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

 I do

IC Information


Character Name:

Dallas Volkonsky



Current Occupation:


Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role.



/me &7&o He would quickly get up from her seat. As he talked to the student, he gave off an angry and agitated appearance. &F OK, now point out the location of the conflict. &7&o He would remark in a furious tone. After making a 180-degree spin, he was now moving toward the door. He flung the door wide and stormed outside, agitated and worn out. He merely had to get through the final hour of class since there was none remaining. He would tread on the pupil. watching for them to start making their way to the battle.


/me &7&oReached over into the cabinet behind him, flicking threw the files. You'd be able to tell He was trying extremely hard to find a specific file. He'd glance back at the student before turning back the cabinet, He had spotted the correct file. He began to reach over pulling it out, turning 90 degrees back towards the student. &F"Alright, let me check your schedule!" &7&oHe'd open the folder, flicking threw the pages of information. &f"Here it is! Ok so... 2nd period you have Information Technology, 3rd period you have English and for your 4th period you have maths. Does that answer your question?" &7&oHe'd smile back at the student waiting for a response.



/me &7&o He'd approach the pupil in front of him slowly. &f "Hello, my name is Dallas. I see you're in a lot of pain. I'm simply going to inspect the wound, is that okay?" &7&o Dasllas was not a doctor, and he had no idea what he was doing, but he was familiar with the fundamentals of medical training. He'd reach over to his right and take a first aid kit from his desk, then open the box to look for a wipe. He'd fumble through the kit until he found the wipe. &F"here, use this to clean the wound!" &7&oIn a calm tone, he'd remark, "It could hurt!" He'd then reach back into the first aid pack and pull out a huge plaster. He'd remove the packet's packing before putting it to the wound.


Graduation Year:



Economics and Mathematics



Academic Degree:



/Minimum is 150 words/

On March 11th, 1996, Dallas Volkosnky was born in Sviyazhs . His mother, Akemi was a gentle soul who sheltered her family from the dangers of the outside world. His father, Vivion was a different story. He definitely had some anger issues, due to his rough upbringing, but was still there, trying to provide for his family. Though, this eventually became less apparent when he began to drink more and more, getting more aggressive. Dallas mother worked at the school she attended when she was younger, so the young lad had support as he grew up. Seeing the hard work his mother did every day, as well as hearing all the stories about his mother from other teachers and workers, he knew one day he would also work in a school. Dallas then told his mom that he wanted to be just like her when he grew up As he grew up, he learned he had a passion for exploring and art. he found a notepad and that's where he began to write about his adventures, then drew them in his sketchbook. Both with a number so he could track the imagery to the words he had on paper. he fell more in love with the arts and writing as he grew. At the age of 14, his family moved to a different school. There, he learned more about caretakers as he attended their high school. he re-found the spark of wanting to be a Chef, so he made it a goal of his to try to become one. Befriending as many as he could, he learned more about the work and even learned a few skills. he graduated highschool at the age of 18 and continued to further his education. Moving away for a few years to attend another college, he ended up double majoring in Literature and Art, as well as taking a minor in psychology. he still loved the arts and literature, so he naturally wanted to expand upon his knowledge of them, but he was also interested in learning more about the human mind, knowing it could help him in his future field as a Chef. After graduating college with his masters, he moved back to Karakura. After returning, he made sure to get her resume in order and sent it off to many schools, including KHS, trying to get her faculty position as a school caretaker. Whilst she was waiting for a response he would practice cooking every single day so he would not fail in what he loved and wanted to make his family proud and prove to him and others that he is capable off being a chef. He would often be found in cooking environments and always practicing his work. He then went on to be a higher up on faculty to hopefully become dean.


/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

As soon as Dallas arrived, she would go over to the two students and disperse the brawl. requesting assistance on the radio. She would separate the two after requesting help, give them detentions for fighting, and then inquire about their versions of events. She would then examine their wounds and, if necessary, send them to the nurse's office.
My persona Dallas would make an effort to diffuse the issue. She refused to let the student's remarks have an impact on her or her work ethics. She would maintain her composure and order the pupils to cease using that language. She would also warn them that if they continued to disrespect the school employees, they would receive a detention. Elliana would then use the radio to ask listeners' thoughts and to educate them of the situation. to to determine if more punishment was required.
He would turn to the student and maintain a straight expression if the kid started swearing and calling Justin pathetic. The teacher would question the student why he felt that way and why he went about informing him in such a tone and manner once the student had finished speaking everything that he wanted to. Keeping a professional demeanour, he continued to investigate the issue before doing his best to resolve it. He would then send the student to class after issuing a brief warning for the language.

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

Dallas would maintain his composure and lead the student to a more peaceful area where they could have a friendly chat. She would wait until the pupil had finished speaking to allow them express themselves. advising the student that while their ideas were sound, their strategy was utterly incorrect Then she would explain to the pupil that she is making the school safer and that she is not pitiful for doing so. They were given a warning not to use that language on school property again since it was against the rules and exceedingly unpleasant. Threatening incarceration if they persisted in insulting her or other staff members after giving them a verbal warning. After that, he would send them to class.
backup immediately. She would then attempt to separate the fight. If she was able to get them to stop fighting, she would ask if anyone needed medical attention. If someone needed medical attention, she would either bring the student to the nurse, or get the nurse to the area for the student. if no on was hurt, then she would ask what happened before disciplining the students appropriately.
The student's remarks wouldn't have any impact on her or her work ethics, he insisted. She would maintain her composure and order the pupils to cease using that language. She would also warn them that if they continued to disrespect the school employees, they would receive a detention. Elliana would then use the radio to address the audience, explain the problem, and solicit feedback in order to determine whether more punishment was required.
Dallas would hurry over and separate the two pupils if he saw them fighting in the corridor. He would assign them both to detention and chastise them for their actions after already witnessing fists being thrown. After that, he would take them to the 

What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:
He would check to see whether she was seeing what they were doing accurately rather than simply assuming anything. Depending on how serious it was, she would then get out her phone and gather some proof of it just in case. She would then approach them and speak to them in a low voice about what they were doing. advising them to quit doing it since it's wrong. She would reassure the employee that she is aware of what they are doing and will alert SLT if they do not stop if they attempted to protect themselves. claiming that she, too, has proof. Before anyone could say or do anything further, she would immediately go.
Dallas would also raise the issue. She would rush to obtain anybody or anything required to deescalate the situation and get the person aid if it was a life-threatening scenario. She would again obtain anybody or anything required to stop the incident and deescalate it if another school staff was endangering a student's life or the life of another person. She would inform her superiors about them and detail the entire affair.
When another school employee acted improperly, Justin would confront them and reprimand them, informing them that what they were doing was wrong and hazardous and that they should stop. acknowledging that they were doing improperly but yet listening to them. He would then keep a lookout for the same coworker,

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Thank you for applying although seeing and thinking about your application, I believe you are unable to maintain a position. 

You can re-apply after 15 days.


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