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OOC Information



Other: Cawot69



Age: (Optional)




Describe your activity within the server:

 At this time i plan to be very active, all from 4-6 hours per day, depending on my life situation, but yes i plan to be very active once the server open up and i can play!

Previous warns/bans, if so list them:


Links to previous applications, if so, list them:


  What is your chosen school employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor,  and teaching assistant )

 Head mistress

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

 I fully aware of the rules and i will follow them.

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

 i'm fully aware of that fact and i will do my best to be active and stay as long as i can on my position!

IC Information


Character Name:

Summer Andreev



Current Occupation:

I studied a lot as a young teen and i started university a year earlier then my fellow classmates, i have studied at a higher up university and gotten my grades up to an average of 100 to 90% right after my university time i began working at a local high school in greece to then move and began my work in korea. Now I'm currently working as a teacher but due to my diploma and studies I can get myself in this position.

 Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role.


/me She would grab onto the door and gently open it. she would pop her head out to see if anyone had notice her entering the room.. as she stepped foot into the room she would not say a word due to it might disturbing the class, she would gracefully make her way down to the back of the classroom, giving the teacher a confidant smile as she didnt want to put them off track, she would observe the students and the way that the teacher thought their students, making mental notes in her head. at the end of the class before they finished she would walk to the front as greet every student with a confident and calming smile &f&o”hello class. i don't know if you noticed me and those who did well done..! you guys did an amazing class today and keep up the great job! have a nice rest of your day and i'll see you all around!” she would then clap her hands together before walking over to the door. Before opening it she would turn to the teacher giving them a reassuring smile before opening the door and walking away to the next stop.


/me she would be sitting at her desk looking over some of the paperwork as well as some important things on her computer, she would mutter to herself and type aggressively on her keys. “knock knock” she would snap her eyes up to see whatever was knocking on her door, she would see the 2 students standing there and give them a smile moving her paperwork down to a drawer. &f”ah! Welcome, welcome! Now how may I help you both?” she would have a soft tone on her voice almost like she didn't just aggressively press keys on her keyboard. She would take the pen she had rested behind her ear and take one of her many noteblocks to write down what the students had to say. &f&o”ah.. well i see… dont worry the matter is in my hands now and i can assure you this issue won't be happening again, and thank you both for being brave enough to come and talk to me i appreciate it alot.” she would hand them a small treat she had in her bottom drawer in her desk, giving them a smile and a wave as they left. she would then go over her own notes to then begin to aggressively type on her computer.


/me she would have her notes neatly on her desk as well as a glass with water beside her. she would look at the student and then down on her notes and rub her fingers against the side of her head. &f&o”do you have a clue why i have called you here today?” she would say with a calm but somewhat monotone voice, looking up from her notes and on the student sitting on the chair, she would wait for the student to give their answer before responding &f&o” well. i have some of my own notes of what you did.. and i might say im choked. really i am! now i can see that your record isn't the perfect one but hey, were all special right. . . anyhow.. the reason i called you down here today is to inform you that this behavior of yours is totally unacceptable and i have no choice to suspend you for a week.” she would look down on her nots giving a sigh before looking back up to the student with a monotone facial expression &f&o”i know you can better than this.. don't see this as a punishment.. see it more as a time to reflect on yourself okay? now please leave the school grounds and i'll see you again in a week- well i don't since i don't want this to be repeating.. anyways . you can go.” she would fix her notes before putting her pen down to take a sip of her water she had next to her.. at this point that water that would had been ice cold had turn warm..


Graduation Year:



 My Majors are: Advanced math, psychology and business


 My minors are: English, communication and physics

Academic Degree:

 I have about 2 PHD’s for being top of my class in advanced math and buisness, 


/Minimum is 150 words/


She would be born on the 21 of december in Athen Greece, her family at that time was her mother, her father, her big brother and her twin. Growing up she wouldn't have so much contact with both her brother and her parents, in her world it was just her and her Twin Winter, because of her parents not being around that much her brother Dominic would take over that role as a parent, he was just 11 at the time the twins got born. Summer would be a very happy and calm kid, always kinda careless and playful around other kids while she would love to go to school to hang out with her friends and just overall be with Winter. but at home neither Winter nor Summer would be noticed due to her parents being busy.


When they would start going to school for real her parents would pull them aside and say “look kids, we don't want you to go to a public school anymore.. we have decided to hire a private tutor so you both can study as you wish!” this fact upsetted the twins and the claiming to why her parents did this would be ‘look at your brother’ the twins just went along with what their parents had said and believe it or not, the twins personality shifted, from being fun and outgoing to be calm, monotone and study freaks, or well.. summer did winter still had some of that childish personality left in her. Summer would focus a lot of her time in her books and kept to herself, making her parents more dictanced than ever. At the age of 16 she would have gotten the news that her parents' hard work had paid off and they would finally be able to start their own company. Summer was not at the slightest affected by this news however her brother was, he had just turned 21 and was just finishing his studies when he decided that enough was enough, that night he would leave his parents and the twins to never contact them again.


After getting to know that her brother had left them she was no longer in contact with her parents, “they are busy anyways..” she would say when they were brought up, she got more and more into her books and found it comforting to read and solve math problems, due to her being homeschooled her social skills would be on top and that's why she at age of 18 begged and begged to let her graduate and go to a public university, and finally after a whole summer brake of begging she got what she wished for, to go a public university! She and her sister would go and study at the same university, but not the same classes. Summer was more interested in math and physics and business while Winter became a Drama kid and loved to perform and make others laugh! Summer was happy for her sister and began hanging out with her more to get to know her friends and to get back her social skills. The last year of university, when the twins had just turned 21 they would be walking home after a long day when summer got a text from her aunt stating that her parents had died in a plane crash earlier that morning. She would show the text to her sister and they both looked at each other with relief. why? well their parents weren't a part of their lives they only got stressed around them so this was a big relief, they were sad but it was honestly like hearing the neighborhood kid died. The last year of university was a blast, she claims, she would graduate with flying colors!


She would right after her time at university begin working at a local highschool and teach the kids math! but after only a year she and her sister would move to Seoul Korea to pursue their dreams! they both knew what they wanted and had to work hard to get there, Summer would begin her work as a teacher and well Winter joined that path! Summer taught math in a highschool nearby while Winter thought out performing arts, drama! and after 5 years they would still be able to do this! working as something they love!


/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

i would first make myself noticeable, making sure that they all see me and how my body and facial expression is, i would then calmly ask them to stop, and if they did do as they got told i would smile and walk away making a mental note that if this happen again they will have detention, if they however did not stop i would warn them once more before handing out a detention slip, i would remind them to meet me there and not to miss it or it will be a lot more trouble for them, before walking off and continue on with my day.


What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

 I would remind them that that's no way to treat another person and if they want to be treated like that themself? I would then remind them to treat others the way you want to be treated! I would then ask the student to apologize to the other and not to repeat this again before giving them a smile and continue on with my day. if they didnt stop however i would give another warning this time with a bit of force in my voice, stating that i don't think they would like being treated this way themself and it has to stop. I would then hand them a detention slip and remind them to meet me there or this situation will become worse for them. I would then ask the student to leave to ask the person (victim) if they are okay and if they want anything, I would then continue on with my day. 

What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:

Depending on what they were doing, I would pull them to the side and ask the most obvious question, what do they think they are doing? I would wait for an answer before telling them to stay to resolve the issue they had just caused. After resolving the issue I would ask them to follow me to my office and that i need a chat with them. After getting into my office I would ask them why they thought this was okay, what they think the students will think? why did they think it was a good idea to bring this up and what happens if this action will forever harm or reflect on a student, i would then remind them that they are an adult and this behavior is not acceptable i would then tell them if this happened again i would personally removed them from their fraction or im removing them of course depending on the situation that just went down. 


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Thank you for applying although seeing and thinking about your application, I believe you are unable to maintain a position.

I'm not sure but I think everything is bolded. . . . Please watch out for the format next time!

You can re-apply after 15 days.


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