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Out-Of-Character Information


What is your username?:




Do you have a microphone?:


How old are you? (Optional):


What is your time zone?:


Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:


Describe your activity on the server:

When the server gets released i will be playing for around 3-4 hours adays, depending on if i am busy or just chillin

Do you have any previous bans?:


Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

no other applications at the moment

What are your current role(s) on the server?:

none at the moment

What experiences do you have in roleplay?:

I played a server called SRP for around a year and have been mainly gangrping and I have been learning how to detailRP through out the months of playing.


In-Character Information

(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)


Full Name (First & Last only):

Madara Volkonsky

Preferred Name:


Age (Minimum is 25):






Academic Degree:

Bachelor degree




English and Drama

Languages (Applied for and accepted, and native):

none at the moment

What subject are you applying to teach?:


What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?:

my main motivation for becoming a teacher is to try and make that difference. There are so many kids out there who think the only way they can get to where they want to be is to work hard and do the right thing. we are that chance. Im hoping that the kids who see this video are willing to take a chance on themselves and not settle for "the perfect." Im excited to have a chance to shape their minds. If you would like to help me with that, check out my fb page under the name "Christine - SuperSocrates" for more info. It's short, fun and if done right will definitely change a few lives. Posted by Over the past couple of weeks I've been watching the series, "Through the Wormhole." It's on the National Geographic Channel and it explores many strange things that have been happening to people in the past.

As a teacher, what are the rules you would enforce  when being in a class?:

Rule 1: Keep from insulting students and/or the teacher(s).

Rule 2: Anything said over controversial topics will just be information, Do not impose your ideas over those topics in the class.

Rule 3: Phones must be on silent and/or turned off.

Rule 4: Phones must be on silent and/or turned off.

Rule 5: Keep your hands and feet to yourself, Don't touch your classmates.

Rule 6: No food or drinks are allowed.

Backstory: (Minimum 150 Words)

Madara Volkonsky was born in a large town in russia called Svisloch, near Saint Petersburg in March 1816. In his youth he was close to the Bortniansk group of circle of skaldic poets who met at Aptekarsky kolonny. In 1842, Volkonsky joined the Old Believer Sredniiesti sect of Russiantemesky kovoloi and in 1847 he became the follower of Onufriy Zenzenko, the head of the sect. In 1852, together with Onufriy Zenzenko and Pavel Raevsky, he took part in the Universal All-Russian "Union of divine elements" ("УРТЗ"). Volkonsky was later influenced by Father Maksym Dudas and his teachings on monastic life. In 1880 Volkonsky founded the Primorsky prayer institute and moved to the nearby Monastery of All Saints on Stoling. The institute became an important center of Soviet monasticism. Many of the members of the institute moved to Voznesensk and joined the Monastery of All Saints there. The institute had a large library and great numbers of manuscripts, and was famous for the singing of Liturgical chants, and reciting and translating the Lives of the Saints. He died in Voznesensk on February 17, 1903. Volkonsky wrote some 22 poetry collections and several monastic books. After his father died he decided to move to Seoul and apply as a teacher.


Role Play Scenarios:


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?

If a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds i would call their parents. That's not bullying! No kid should be bullied, period. Stop them doing it and let's stop it. Or I'd stay out of it, honestly, the adult in the relationship should be doing it.

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?

If a student was not being respectful i would not want that in the classroom, if a student wasn't being respectful, I would simply take that away from the teacher and not from him or her. I was constantly furious with him, but I was also afraid of him. I always paid attention to what he said, and when he yelled at me, I knew he despised me and didn't want me as a teacher. I never heard him say that. He did, however, yell at me when I did something he believed to be improper. I was a child at the time, so I had no morals. He was so cruel that I couldn't see how he could be wrong. In front of my students, he would yell at me and knock me to the ground.

What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous?

Even if they were from a different campus, I would probably stop them if another school employee was doing something risky. Since I was in a lower position in the hierarchy at the time, I think I would be in a standoff with a more senior person who was also doing the same thing. I've occasionally had to physically eject people from my space because they were endangering the safety of others. Like many other staff members, I have seen individuals perform risky tasks, and when administrators arrive to assess the situation, they are left to continue watching. They don't trust their staff, in my opinion. Finding out what will work and what wont.

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Thank you for applying, the position you have applied for is currently full.

Please change your subject/DM me about it on discord (possum#0006)


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