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CarnageRP3 Night Club Business Application


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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag:

Time zone: 

My Timezone is GMT
Server Activity:

Currently I am not active within the server due to it not being opened yet however, I feel like I would be extremely active within the server due to my Captain role on my main account CarnageRP. I feel like this would help out with money situations and of course paying for my characters and teams house.
Previous warns/bans:

I have had no current warns or bans at all within the server and I plan on keeping it that way.

Business Information

Business Name:
Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

The Business would be a Nightclub bringing in the young folk / Partiers, As well as brining a lot of attention to the Shopping area (if there is one.) The Club is going to be called Colossus Nightclub.
Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

I wish to apply for this shop because I plan on doing something a little different within the town and instead of having the usual places I thought it would be best if Seoul had there very own Night Club. I also feel like this will bring a lot of people together within the club and be able to start some good roleplays for either the police or any of the workers. 
Unique description about your business:

Our club will be unique in several ways, some of which was stated in the section above, all of these points are really good, and involves the community more than others - in addition to this, we will attempt to have consistent opening times which the customers are able to depend on, however, granted that we have the stock to open, and the workers present to open. I believe our Club will be able to do this effectively, and consistently; giving us an edge over the competition of ours, being the other stores, Out club will be attempting to get the best image withini the community as possible, encouraging events for people to be entertained by, giving back to the community and providing the best possible service.

The dance floor and bar would be connected within each other with seats set up ready for you to order your drink. The colour theme we would be going is neon kind of tradition such as Neon purple and Neon pink, with sofas around the corners for people to sit at and enjoy themselves too. 

References (Interior & Exterior):

This image is what the bar would roughly look like with the chairs ready for you to order your drinks. The black chairs is what the sofas would look like set around some of the corners for people to chill and watch people dancing. 


This image is what the dance floor will look like with the big DJ stand in front of the dance floor looking over the people dancing.


What is your business selling:

The Nightclub would be selling Alcohol, Glasses and Cigs/Cigars.

I  have not planned any events at this time.
How many employees will you be recruiting:

Below will be how many employees I plan to have plus the amount of employees for the certain spot. I won't be paying people instantly as I would need to have some money first for the openings, I personally think that we should wait after our 4th or 5th opening to start paying people there rightful amount.

Thus going forward I have created a small roasted to show how many people I would need and how many people can fit in the spot;

Owner 1/1

CarnageRP3 | Nakama Hideaki

Security 0/5

Bartender 0/4

DJ 1/3

CarnageRP3 | Nakama Hideaki

Nakama Hideaki was born in a city called Nagoya, He's the only child in his family, He started wearing suits at the age of 14 as he used to get taken to school by his father who was always in a suit so Nakama thought it would be nice if they look the part, so of course Nakama continuously wore suits to please his father as well as his peers. At the age of 15 he moved to the city known as Seoul to take up his role as a highschool Jock Captain. Ever since Nakama was in Seoul his main goal is to see how many people he can get to either like him or fear him, If he doesn't connect with you he will make you fear him. Nakama has always wanted to be the centre of the spotlight so that's kind of where his ego was born. Due to how good Nakama was as a captain he went all the way through school and Uni becoming Captain of the Uni Football team as well. Once he had finished Uni he went off to study Business where he passed all needed exams and has moved back to Seoul to open up his very own Night club. Nakama has always wanted to be like his father due to him owning his very own night club and people as well used to fear his father due to how much power he had within the city. So maybe once we open Nakama can truly live up to the Hideaki name.
Character Information:
My character is going to be a Male with brown hair with a scar down his left eye, His name is going to be Nakama Hideaki and he is 27 years old.
Extra information:


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I have decided to place your application on pending - you will receive a response the next time applications are reviewed.

If you have any questions feel free to message me (lust#6358)

Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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Thank you for applying to become a buisness owner! After reviewing your application I've chosen to accept you for business owner!

What now?

Post your application link to the help channel in the government discord server and ping @enderbubs to get your roles and to get started on becoming a business owner!

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