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CYXNEUX's Vice Dean Application.


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OOC Information




Discord: cyxneus#2546


Age: (Optional)


Timezone: EST

Describe your activity within the server: 
Once the server is online, I plan to be online every single day! I want to make friends with my fellow players, and I want to become a part of the community that will form! I am a Highschool student though, and so there will be times I am offline!


Previous warns/bans, if so list them:

None, I plan to keep it that way.


Links to previous applications, if so, list them:

What is your chosen school employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor,  and teaching assistant )



Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

Indeed I do!


Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

Of course! That is perfectly reasonable, as the school staff must remain active.


IC Information


Character Name:

Erika Blaire Adler





Current Occupation:



Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role.


/me Erika sat at her desk, her desktop on, and a mug of warm tea sat beside her. She was working through a few student files, the physical manilla folders open, and spread out on the clean desk surface. She was working rather quickly, inputting information into a spreadsheet to send off to a few employees. She looked up just as your figure entered, smiling. "Hello, dear. What can I do for you?"


/me Erika looked up as the two individuals entered. One staff member, one pupil. She thanked the former as they delivered the student, soon simply turning her gaze over. She slid off the reading glasses perched on her nose, folding them up, and setting them inside a drawer. She then folded her hands in front of her, turning her gaze down to the pupil standing in front of her. It wasn't a mean gaze, just stern, and searching. Searching for why the student had made the decisions they'd made. "I assume you know why you're here, yes? Give me your side o the story, dear."


/me The woman tilted her chin up, gaze scrutinizing the scene before her. It was a fight, two students shouting at each other, and pulling the other's hair. How mature. She brought herself up to the two students, turning her stern gaze down to them, and causing them to pause. "Now, now, why on Earth are we behaving this way?" She asked, her hazel eyes narrowing. "My office, now. Let's talk this out maturely, yes? I want to hear both of your sides."


Graduation Year:




English, Psychology





Academic Degree:

Master's, Working on her Doctorate



Erika Adler was born in Berlin, Germany. She was born of two doctors, who were, quite frankly, workaholics. Her mother only took a year of maternity leave, and even then she was constantly working remotely. Her grandmother was the one to properly raise her. Otelia Adler, a woman Erika will forever look up to, taught her everything she knows. She taught her to speak, to read and write. She taught her mathematics, and tutored her when she needed it.

Despite being attached to her grandmother, Erika was still a very independent child. She didn't have many friends growing up, instead wanting to go on little adventures by herself! She was so cute. During breaks and playtimes , she was either found in the yard at school, or in one of the teacher's classrooms. one teacher in particular, actually,  her aunt. Her aunt was an elementary art teacher, and, quite frankly, was the one to bring light onto Erika's passion : Teaching. As she grew older, she would help her aunt with her lesson plans, and even helped to mentor during the occasional class. She loved teaching, she loved helping people. It's how her whole life started.

During her second year of college, she met her ex husband, Archie. The two hit it off almost immediately, and by the time she was finishing college up, they were engaged! They married quickly, not wanting to waste any time. They didn't need to waste time. Straight out of college, both of them had secured wonderful jobs. Her, as an English teacher, and him in an office. They shared similar life goals, needs, and wants. They were perfect! And with just six months of being married, their family was growing!

On September 24th, Erika and Archie welcomed their firstborn, Laurent, into the world. And then just a year and a half later, they welcomed their daughter, Blaire, into the world! Erika was overjoyed, feeling such love for both children. But her joy didn't last. When Blaire was a mere two years old, something happened between Archie and Laurent. Some sort of fight, which led Archie to resent their son. This, of course, caused a drift between the two parents, and fighting ensued. 

Erika woke up one morning, to find Archie gone. His belongings, his clothes - All of it. It was like he never even existed. Within a year, she'd filed for abandonment. The emotional toll this caused the family was a great one, but sadness didn't last. No, their lives looked to be getting better.

Erika was offered a job opportunity in Seoul, South Kora. One she couldn't refuse. And that's where she, and her family, is present-day.




/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

For the sake of the question, lets say that the 'misbehavior' happens to be a fight.

Erika, whilst doing her walk around the grounds, witnessed a group of students fighting. It was maybe three of four of them, their yells reaching her from across the green before she even spotted them. She marched herself up to them, quickly diffusing the situation with a stern voice, and a physical breaking apart of the students. And then, with the help of a wandering staff member, she brought them each up into her office. Slowly and calmly, she had each student explain their perspective, and retelling of the events. upon hearing each side, she told the students her spiel. Fighting on school grounds, fighting at all was not allowed. While she understood where they were coming from, none of them could be let off the hook. Each student received a detention, and the two that had started it received a three day suspension.

Erika is a rational, slow-to-anger woman. Her role is to hear each student out, hear the truth and to deliver a rational and required punishment. And so, that is exactly what she would do.



What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

Erika would take a deep breath, waiting for just a moment for the student in question to calm down. Once calmed, she would have the student walk with her. Walking can be calming for students, rather than being pent up in a room, where they may feel stressful. So, in this situation, she'd choose this route. As they walked, she would have the student talk with her. She wasn't there to make them eve more upset. Instead, she wanted to hear their side. As the student replayed the events to her, and expressed how they were feeling, she would lend small, helpful comments. once the student had finished she would let them know that disrespecting a fellow individual was simply not okay. You cannot fight fire with fire. in most cases, being disrespected, and being disrespectful back merely makes the situation worse, and she would explain that.

Assuming the student agreed, that would be that. She would let them off with a warning, and let them go about their day.

Assuming that the student disagreed and started to be disrespectful towards her, she would grow more stern. Disrespecting a staff member was absolutely not alright, and she would give the student detention.

But what if a student was being forceful, in any form?

If Erika were to witness this event, she would immediately jump in to diffuse the situation. She would break the students apart, and send the victim to her office with a fellow staff member to wait. She would take the perpetrator up to her office as well, and sit at her desk with them. There she would lecture them, letting them know that force of any means is unnecessary, and not alright. The student would receive detention, and a suspension. She would then bring in the victim, have some tea with the, and let them give her their side.


What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:

This would certainly be an event for Erika. For starters, she would need to verify that the employee was indeed doing something, and it wasn't just a false accusation. She would never expect her employees to act in such a way, but you can also never be too sure.

She would have the employee come to her office, where she would have them explain their side of the events. She needs their telling, even if the action is not okay. She would then proceed to tell them that their behavior is not okay. Any act that could cause harm, or put students at risk is not okay. Hazardous behavior is absolutely not allowed within her school, no matter how big or small. She would let them know that they should never do such a think again. She would have a talk with the Dean, and the two would come to a conclusion together, likely firing the employee.

Erika would never knowingly keep an employee on the roster, if they are hazardous. Her students and staff are the most important things, and she must protect them.

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Thank you for applying although seeing and thinking about your application, I believe you are unable to maintain a position. 

You can re-apply after 15 days.


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