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My bunny is probably stronger than you, mentally .


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TW; sad for some reader :C



Gizmo's story and stuff??

 Gizmo has been through many homes, he was aggressive due to a bad home and not proper care. We had stumbled across Gizmo, he was going to be put down or eaten, yes, eaten. The family decided to get gizmo, he was adorable as a little baby I can show pictures as proof. Gizmo was dehydrated and slowly dying. We did many vet visits, the vet told us he might not make it and we accepted it. Gizmo was a few months old or somewhere around that. He was still a baby. A little after we got gizmo, around 3 months. We where looking into another bunny, what we came across Iggy, Iggy had beautiful red eyes and white fur, she was so pretty, when we first got Iggy she had blue eyes actually. They bonded but before that gizmo attempted to unalive her, but. she was ok, he loved her to pieces and it was so sad seeing him sad.


The sad passing of Gizmo's wife.  <3....

Gizmo is a bunny, he's in my profile. About a year ago, Gizmo's wife, Iggy, died. She had developed a heart problem, she hadn't been doing well, so we sadly had to.. do what we had to do, let her go into peace.  Gizmo was aware of Iggy not doing well, this made him depressed. Yes, they can get depressed just like cats and dogs. He didn't eat for a few days, this made the whole family worried. Iggy was a big part of his life, she was his life. Gizmo didnt eat like I said, he wasn't as active anymore. He had lost motivation and, his eyes where so sad. We where all devastated because of Iggy, we loved her so much and still do.  


Gizmo now.

Gizmo is great currently, he's healthy, happy, and still a bit of a bitch. We love him though, Gizmo has been through a lot, but he's here now and happy again. He loves my dad the most, thats ok. I have accepted It, but whatever. 



There really isn't a reason to WHY I put this here, just, want to tell people how my bunny life went ig? He's happy now, he has the cutest face. He dressed up, he loves his pumpkin outfit, he loves treats like the fat fuck he is, he's just perfect and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  I love my bunny sm, he's so adorable, sometimes sweet, he loves car rides, treats.. you name it and I doubt he'd like it, but its ok. He sewed on my TV and the TV was broken bc of him, still love him and how silly my baby is. 

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