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Brayyy's Police Application <:


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IGN: Uk49Simp


Discord: brxylie#6666


Age: 18


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more): I want to join the police force so that I can help keep the town civilized, and un-chaotic. I have never fully got to take my knowledge of anything police into roleplay, and I think that I could make a lot of players have a good experience with the police unlike some servers.


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more): I am very active, and am always trying to find more ways to make friends and roleplay situations. I advertise very well, and have a lot of friends that I could potentially bring onto the server. I have roleplayed on a few different servers, so I know how to make new players have the best experience with servers they recently joined.


Do you have any past experience in this field?: In game, no. With studying and classes, yes.


Do you have a Microphone?: Yes


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: Yes


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: I believe I should be accepted because I have a lot of knowledge over a lot of different police task forces. I have spent a lot of time studying these things, and watching many shows learning about them. Though, I would say I know the most about investigations. 



Characters Name: Jade M. Giato

Age: 26

Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): Jade struggled through her whole life, watching different kinds of police interrogation shows, being very interested in it. Making her want to join some kind of police force. After graduating, she decided to go to an academy for forensics and investigations. Studying forensic sciences for four years, and criminal investigations for two years. Finally applying for Seoul’s military police force. 


Characters backstory (100 words or more): At a young age Jade lived a life of struggling. She jumped from friend's house to friend's house. Struggling through highschool, because of her other situations. Balancing school and two jobs, she had finally graduated. Finally starting to pick up the pieces of her life, she got her own apartment. Dropping one of her jobs, and getting promoted at the other. She decided to head off to college. In college she had changed what she wanted to do a few times, finally deciding on the police academy. She went on to study forensics, and investigations. Working her day job, and finally graduating from the academy. Taking time off from school. She moved to Seoul, spending time as a citizen. She made many friends within the city. Finally applying to join the military police force within the community.


What does your character specialize in?: Criminal Investigations, Forensic Services (Crime Scene Investigator)


Do you have any questions?: N/A <:

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DISCORD: brxylie#6666

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