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Yearbooks' Police Application


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IGN: Yearbooks

Discord: strafe!!#4397

Age(not required): 17

Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more):

Whilst playing SeoulRP, I have had a main focus on the server and that was the cops. I used to play some GTA 5 roleplay and being a cop on there was fun whilst I was one. I have seen what the SeoulPD do against the criminals or more commonly known as “GangRPers” and it has intrigued me to help out. However, back to the question, I personally think being able to help remove all crime from Seoul would be a fun and interesting challenge.

I’ve also done lots of things based around the city and school. I’ve seen how adults roleplay and I believe I would like to have a more mature character than someone in school. Even though being a student is fun and all, I see more of an appeal to being an officer, which is another one of my motivations. I want to do more in SeoulRP for my character, and try new things, which is why my main focus was applying for SeoulRP rather than the other professions in the city. SeoulPD itself seems lots of fun as there's lots of interaction between people with plenty of action going on. It would be fun to meet new people to cooperate with and work with rather than aimlessly running around the map as I usually do trying to find someone to talk to that would actually reply to me on a friend-level.

What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):

Do you have any past experience in this field?: I was a cop on multiple fivem servers and other minecraft servers.

Do you have a Microphone?: I do indeed.

Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: 

 I understand this and that is fine.

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: I have alot of experience from fivem to other minecraft rpservers as a cop. I also understand the police laws and I want to offer my help out to the few officers that come around the server. I also understand how the PD works, including IC and OOC situations.


Characters Name: Hyun-Ki Nakamura

Age: 31

Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): Hyun struggled throughout his whole life after his parents died, watching multiple cop shows and listening to his granddads stories. After training and taking college degrees in the police academy, he realised that the PD stood out to him. He also wants to help out the city as he has noticed how active criminals are compared to the police department.

Characters backstory (100 words or more):

Hyun-Ki Nakama would be of Korean descent from Busan to be exact, His grandfather had a career as a police captain when he was younger. Since he had a close relationship with his grandpa Chin-hae, Hyun was brought to the station one day, it was like a school trip for him as he wanted to get some educational use from being there. Over the time period of this day, Hyun finally realised being an officer of the law isn’t as easy and “fun” as just taking down criminals, but there was A LOT of paperwork. Even though he hated doing his assignments, he found paperwork interesting and fun in a way. Whilst growing up, Hyun was always found with Chin-hae. Sadly, Hyun lost his parents at an early age due to a plane crash but secretly he loved his grandparents more.


One day Hyun’s family took a trip to a museum for his birthday. The museum was based on crime and law but it was in Tokyo. So on a saturday evening, his family set off to visit the museum. Hyun was seen as a very respectful child, he was brought up to treat others how he would like his family and himself to be treated, so of course he was nice and respectful. However, whilst being at the event he was so happy and he couldn’t wait to get there, this is the only time he wasn’t patient. The museum had a lot of cool exhibitions to offer, Where he got information about gangs and different types of weapons used by gangs like the Yakuza. After spending a while on being taught and even doing some activities, the museum finally moved onto the officer side. So once he reached this side of the museum, he was shown how to shoot a gun whilst being able to attempt shooting a cardboard cut out of a criminal wielding a Kunai. After a long weekend of mixed activities, Hyun was finally back on the plane to go home.


After a few years, Hyun has finally completed his final examinations to get his master degrees, surprisingly Hyun ended up with majors in Global Studies, History whilst getting 2 master degrees, one in Law Enforcement and the other in Criminology. After his huge success in school, Hyun started to train mentally and physically to join his local Police academy. After multiple months of solid training, he felt ready to apply for the academy, so after taking a week to write a detailed application, he finally handed it into the academy. After a long month of training, Hyun received a letter in his mail, it was from the police academy! He got accepted, after training in the academy for 2-3 years he was then ready to be moved up to the force, after joining the force as a cadet the current commissioner noticed a unique cadet with Hyun as he was more determined than any new officers that he’s ever noticed.


A few years later, Hyun was Sergeant before getting told about a better police force in Karakura Japan and he decided to move to Japan to attempt his luck. After buying a penthouse in Karakura he let the commissioner know about him quitting in two weeks (that is when his planned flight to Japan was) so after working hard, training new cadets. It was finally the day he resigned, he made a little speech before rushing off to get his plane. Once he arrived in Seoul he got used to the community and then he started to write an application to join their police force. After a month of writing an application, he finally handed it in on the website, awaiting a response from this day forward.

What does your character specialise in?: My character specialises in multiple things which could include combat fighting, shooting, speaking to the public and investigations.

Do you have any questions?:  N/A

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