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Peanut's police application


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IGN: Trailmixpeanut

Discord: Peanut#4270

Age(not required):


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more):

After being involved in a lot of gang roleplaying and seeing a bit of how law enforcement works, I am interested in join the police force. I believe it takes a lot more role play being in the PD, and I would like to participate in that kind of RP. I would like to be someone who can intervene with crimes, as I know their will be many gang members running rampant through out the city. I would also like to server as good back up for my fellow PD members. I am generally interested and invested in roleplaying as part of the PD, and I plan to be very active. On top of that, I am interested in being part of a working team that isn't focused on hurting other players. I'm also interested in roleplaying as an off duty officer and developing my character.

What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):

I have great communication, and I like working as a team. If a situation gets bad, I will be able to properly communicate this to my fellow officers. I am well-versed in gang role play, so I know how these guys work and how to counter-act them. I am also very active, so I can help slow down the rampant crime in Seoul. I will provide amazing back up, and I know I will also be able to handle dangerous situations on my own. I have also thoroughly read through the rules, so there will not be any situations that need to be corrected.

Do you have any past experience in this field?:

 I have never played as a cop before, but I am familiar with how they work from watching them. 

Do you have a Microphone?:

 I have a working microphone.

Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?:

 Yes, I am aware.

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:

 I am not here to troll and run around tazing people. I am genuinely interested in the roleplay, as well as protecting the citizens of Seoul. I want to help slow down crime rates, so that other players can have a good experience without the fear of randomly being jumped. I am dedicated, and I will remain extremely active if I am accepted into the PD. I am experienced with most forms of roleplay, and at least somewhat familiar with law enforcement RP.



Characters Name:

 Ayvin Semenov



Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words):

 Arriving in Seoul, the rampant crime and gang affiliation reminded Ayvin of her home town in Russia. She had always been interested in becoming an officer at home, but after her mother passed away, she decided to move countries to pursue this idea further. She originally moved to Japan, but the culture did not suit her tastes. Once she arrived in Seoul, she spent most of her time locked up in her tiny apartment studying. Looking outside, she actually witnessed someone getting jumped. This furthered her drive to become and officer. Eventually, she earned a degree in criminal justice and is now looking to become part of the police force.

Characters backstory (100 words or more):

 Ayvin grew up in Yakutsk, Russia, with her mother Anastasia, her father Niko, her oldest brother Pavel, and her youngest brother Akio. Her mother worked part-time as a nurse, and her father was a private investigator working for the police department. Often, she was left home alone to take care of her brothers while her parents worked. When her father had days off, Ayvin and her siblings would huddle around their fireplace, listening to her father tell wild stories about the things he saw on investigations. These stories originally scared her, and she became paranoid of a break in while she was home alone with her sibling. However, she eventually got used to the amount of crime in her area, and her father taught her self defense. She was no longer afraid after this, as she knew she could protect her family. Her father would go into detail about the cases he worked, mentioning how the officers took the evidence he provided and performed arrests. One night, Ayvin's father told her and her siblings a story about an unsolved murder case. He could not go into full detail, but he mentioned the evidence he collected, and how the cops barged into an abandoned warehouse to make the arrest. He told them how the man had prepared an arsenal, and started shooting blindly in the warehouse. A certain officer, named Abram Kozlok, rushed forward to stop the man. He managed to put a few bullets into him, stopping the onslaught of bullets and providing enough time for the arrest. Abram had taken a few bullets, and though he was rushed to the hospital, he later succumb to his wounds. After hearing this story, Ayvin was determined to work as an officer. She wanted to be as brave as the man in the story, and she wanted to help put people like that man behind bars. Ayvin began researching the level of education she needed to become an officer, and she began looking into where she would like to go to college.  When Ayvin's mother found out about her career choice, she was initially infuriated. She did not want Ayvin to pursue such a dangerous position, but after Ayvin showed no signs of relenting, her mother actually came to support her decision. Sadly, before Ayvin could start college, Ayvin's mother passed away from an illness she contracted from a patient. Heartbroken, Ayvin packed all her things and left without a word, leaving her family behind. She arrived originally in Japan, taking on odd jobs to make ends meet. When she realized things weren't working, she moved to Seoul for a fresh start. In her tiny apartment, she earned herself a degree in criminal justice. Now, she is pursuing a job with the Seoul police force.

What does your character specialise in?:

 Growing up, Ayvin saw and heard about many crimes being committed in the area. She became desensitized to them, and can perform her duties without hesitation or fear. Ayvin knows a good deal about self defense, so if she is disarmed she will be okay fighting hand to hand. She also feels obligated to protect others, so she will always put her life on the line to protect the citizens of Seoul.

Do you have any questions?: 

 I do not.

Bold the questions, if not bolded will result in an instant denied.


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