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Application for millatary police force


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IGN: it'sLevii

Discord: Levi !

Age(not required): 14 irl


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more): my char saw the things that were happening like criminal activity people getting hurt and more and my char really likes helping people and he thinks this would be something good he could do for the city and help people out and help the server by getting more SPD and another thing why I want to join is I have always wanted to do police roleplay when I join Minecraft roleplay servers and it really made me think what is it like to be a police member


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):

 I can bring proffesinalty by following the rules knowing what to do and another thing I bring is chill my char is really chill and he will help the police whenever I'm really active on rp Minecraft servers and that's something I find u guys will need is people being active on the server to make it better and I could show the server off and get people in to make the server more popular and then we all will have good rp and i always show up quickly to scenes and I can vc usually 

Do you have any past experience in this field?: Nope but I know what I'm doing!!


Do you have a Microphone?:


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: Yes


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: You guys should accept me because I bring  proffesinalty and I'm not like other people I bring more detail into my roleplay and like I said in the 3 - 4 questions I'm really active so I can be on scenes quickly and for my /me I use very detailed things and I'm very chill and I don't go around saying dumb stuff I will search and arrest people for a reasons and some more things are this server just came out so yes and I know how to work with hard situations and I don't get stressed to easly




Characters Name:

 Vincenzo 'Shabata' Hasumi



Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): my char seen that people were commiting a bunch of crimes and she always wanted to stop them because she was a very sweet kid and didn't like crimes but when she was 6 her mom got killed and she grew up and then the thing she always wanted to do is help the city so she would go around trying to stop crimes not being police and mostly all the time it would work and once they were settled I would talk to them once the time she was eighteen she saw so many crimes and she wanted to do a application for police and she did it and she would be so excited to see the results of the application and she couldn't wait till this day!


Characters backstory (100 words or more):

 Vincenzo 'Shabata' Hasumi was born in Italy and she met her brother but she was adopted in Spain and then her family decided to move to Korea and they did the place was very nice when they entered and they loved it her new mom who adopted her was a very nice lady she worked at the hospital and still does she really wants me to get a good job and work hard and that's what she did she started going around the city helping once her mom saw her doing it she had a conversation with me and it took about thirty minutes until she realized her full potential in becoming a police and her mom thinks that she was a amazing kid and she still is Vincenzo is a very nice eighteen year old she is very kind and doesn't get to stressed around people and some times she pretends with her brother theyre cops and they would have so much fun until she did this application this Is how she got here and then she started learning how to fight and defend herself just in case anyone tried doing anything

What does your character specialise

She saw many crimes and then learnt self defense and got herself here in this place and thought to herself if I get accepted I will work really hard!!

Do you have any questions?: 

 Nope!! But have a good day!!

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