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Roleplay name: 
Baek Ryung



Having been living with his parents, he was staying in Japan in Tokyo. Although a city boy, much like his mother, he has a huge fascination with flowers. His mother worked in a flower shop little ways from the city, which when permitted to, he helped around. He attended college in his hometown and graduated with a master's degree.  After a long time of the same thing, eventually, he grew up, naturally. He parted from his parents and for some time, moved somewhere close to his parents, staying in Tokyo at the age of 20. Though getting curious about the world, he found ways to travel, either that be with friends or with his own money. He eventually found his way to Korea when he was around 27. He didn’t immediately move to the city, for a long time he stayed in urban parts of Korea filled with farmland and beautiful oceans until he was 31. Though it did take him a while, he did eventually move into the capital of South Korea, Seoul and has been living there ever since then. He has yet to do anything with himself besides going through the process of becoming a citizen of Korea and buying himself a house, though, holds a small dream. 

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