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Ban Appeal Format


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Ban Appeal Rules


➤     Upon appealing for a ban, you are aware that if your ban is marked "Unappealable", this means you cannot appeal no matter the circumstances.

➤     Do not comment on other people's ban appeals.

➤     Follow the correct ban appeal format as listed below, do not add any of your own questions/scenarios, if you feel like you need to add something that isn't there, put it under "Anything else you'd like to add?"

➤     Do not use curse words in your appeal.

➤     Try and use your best grammar and spelling.

➤     When stating your "IGN", include your Discord name and tag too.

Ban Appeal Format

Usernames / In-Game-Names [IGNS]: 


Staff member who banned you [@ them, or state their Minecraft IGN]: 

What were you banned for?: 

Server you got banned from? [Himera Minecraft Server or Himera Discord Server]: 

Why do you think you should get unbanned?: 

How long is your punishment?: 

Were there any other players involved? If so, state their IGN: 

Anything else you'd like to add?:


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