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Himera Justice Application


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Before applying, please refer to the following rules and prerequisites, as well as joining the official Government discord.


- Must be BAR certified

- You must have read the Court Trial Guide and the Justice & Legal Information

Format Rules:

- You must follow the format

- Bold your questions, DO NOT bold your answers

- Do not advertise your application

- Must state the position you are applying for in the title of your application






Discord (ex. Taco#0503)


Do you have a working microphone?


Time zone:


Previous ban/warns:


Previous applications:


Which position are you applying for?


Describe your activity level:


What is your motivation for applying?


Have you thoroughly gone through the Court Trial guide and the Justice & Legal Information?




Character name:


Character age:


Preferred Position [Judge, Prosecutor or Public Defender]:




Preferred Pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the faction?


List your characters set of soft skills:


Explain any weaknesses your character might have:


Level of education? [Bachelors, Associates, etc.]


Backstory [100+ words]:




What is an opening statement?


When is the verdict given?


What is it called when a witness does not answer or outright avoids a question?

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