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Florida_Vibes | General Advertisement

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General Information:


IGN (ex. 16chunks)

Discord (ex. Taco#0503):

Do you currently have any other adverts?
I currently do not have any other adverts, this will be my first advert for this server.

Organization Details:


What are you advertising?
I am advertising a family for SeoulRP

What is your organization's name?
Sánchez Family

Permanent invite link to the discord:

How many people are involved with your organization?
Currently there are 40 members in total in the actual server but there are 27 people who are actually a part of the family.

What makes your organization unique to others?
Our family is unique because we take care of each other no matter the situation whether that's getting in trouble with someone or helping each other pay for something when we don't have enough money. We also make sure to make everyone feel included by having events tailored to make sure everyone can participate.

How long has your organization been active previous to this application?
The server has been active since 08/07/22 and after some talking we have decided to advertise this family.

Give a description of your organization for the advert:
The Sánchez Family is a Spanish/Italian family that originates in Spain but moved to Seoul for a better life. They follow three rules: Respect, Kindness and Compassion.


- By sending in an application, you agree that you'll have to transfer ownership, your advert will be managed by a staff member in the government discord, overseen by the directors, and removed upon any violation of Seoul Roleplay rules or discord TOS.

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