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Ace King's Night Club | Lotus' Business Owner Application


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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag:
Lotus #5332
(Dms are turned to friends only)

Time Zone:
Eastern Stanard Time Zone (EST)

Server Activity:
My activity on the server will be a solid 8 out of 10 when it comes out. I usually spend a lot of time online after I complete my oocly college classes. Other than college, I do take a one week break every month from the entire internet as a detox for mental health.

Previous warns/bans:

Business Information

Business Name:
Ace King's Night Club

Business Type:
Ace King's Night Club is what the name states, a night club. It has a full bar, dance floor, gambling stations and more. It would be in the restaurant category.

I have been a player on roleplay servers since it was just plots on a creative server. On these plots, before you could even begin roleplay, you made your own houses, apartments, entertainment and shops. One of my favorite roleplaying opportunities was being able to work as a cashier or business owner to any shop available. I often made shops themed to the popular store Claires or even later on in life, the store Hot Topic. Even earlier than that, as a little girl, I was always setting up shop themed play sessions with my dolls/figures either by myself or with my friends. Now, in my more current time period of life, I have been a part of several shops in various roleplaying communities. I have worked as cashier, security, event team, building team, various stages of management and now I am working as a co-owner to a night club on another server and an employee at two businesses. Business roleplay, shopkeepers and employee roles have always been an interest of mine. Most roleplayers will go for the more actioned filled experiences like the Police Department, Emergency Services or Gangrp. Though, personally, I enjoy the creativity being a shopkeeper brings. You are open to create just about any theme you can out your mind to and sell it to others, show off your hard work and aspirations. That is why I am here at SeoulRp creating my night club. It's not only a place for customers to enjoy themselves but also bring a multitude of opportunities. I want to create a place where I have already put countless hours of effort into. I believe I would be a good shopkeeper for SeoulRp for the different characteristics I uphold. I am dependable, have experience, I'm sweet and open-minded, organized, dedicated, creative and I simply just enjoy it.

Description of Business:
Ace King's Night Club is different from the other night clubs, for it isn't sleek and uptight but the opposite. Makoto purposefully designed Ace King's as an underground night club with walls covered in graffiti, neon lights and road signs stabled to the walls. The bar is long with four stations, one for each bartender, the dance floor covered in lights. Music blasting throughout the night by the experienced DJ. Drinks vary from liquors, beers to wines, the bartenders having experience in making them all. The walls encasing the night club have graffiti both professionally done and suggested for customers to create their own! (This will be done by a different signs placed throughout the night club, people will be able to 'draw on the wall' by writing what they want on a sign in a book and drop it in a dropper! The owner will then collect a bunch and create the signs). Makoto made Ace King as a place for the everyday person to come and enjoy a night out. You don't have to worry about dressing fancy enough to get in or paying massive amounts of money towards entry or food and drinks. Makoto also included gambling at the nightclub, something he did in his past quite often to make money. There will be two games often played at the nightclub, Blackjack and Roulette, winning ic money.

  • Rules of Blackjack - Requires a party 3-5 people plus an employee. The House doesn't pay you money, you are required to use your own money. The employees are only there to help keep up with the game. 

The Dealer (the employee) will roll on a third-party site a number between 1-14, 1-10 being the normal number cards. 11 being Jack, 12 being Queen, 13 being King, and 14 being Ace (Only 4 of each number can be out in play at one time). 
If you surpass 21, you automatically lose. From the Dealers' Left to Right, each person can either do 1 of 3 things; Give, Pass, Fold. 
-Give; This will tell the dealer to give you another card.
-Pass; This will tell the dealer you are happy with your cards.
-Fold; This will tell the dealer you are out of the game. 

Once everyone had a chance at G/P/F, everyone will turn over their cards to show the number they have. The Highest of the party will win that round. 

  • Rules of Roulette - This is pretty simple, the employee in charge of the game will roll 2 in game. 1 being White and 2 being Black. Before the employee rolls, you must pick White or Black. If you win, you get to keep your cash and double it. If you lose, you lose what you bet.
    The House
    Points: 0
    Yen: 0 

Lastly, there will be a VIP section within the nightclub. This section is allowed to be purchased as listed below under Hosted Events if you do not want to buy out the entire nightclub (less money). The VIP section is also available to any special people who may come to visit the nightclub and wish to party without any extra attention.

The exterior of the build will be very basic, just a small roped-off line leading down some stairs into a doorway. 

The interior of the nightclub is where it gets funky! The decorations of the nightclub will be various lights, graffiti and random things such as roadway signs. Inside will be a large bar with four stations, a large dance floor and DJ area, a VIP lounge and a public lounge with various small tables (standing and sitting).

What is your business selling?:
Alcoholic Drinks

Liquor - Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequilla, Whiskey, Brandy, Soju, Sake, Bourbon, etc.

Beer - Canned, Bottled and Tap/Keg
Wine - Bottled, Various flavors

Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Soda's - Sprite, Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, etc.
Juice - Orange, Apple, Cranberry, etc.
Water - Flavored and regular

Bar Food
Appetizers/Sides - Mozzarella Sticks, Chips and Salsa/Queso/Quac, French Fries, Fried Pickles, Stuffed Mushrooms, Bread, Salads, Fruits, etc.
Main Courses - Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Cheeseburger/Hamburger, Salads, Pastas, Pizza, etc.
Desserts - Cakes, Cookies, Milkshakes, Ice Cream, etc.

The Ace King's Night Club will have two different types of events, managed by the co-owner, which include Seasonal and Hosted Events.

Ace King's Night Club will hold seasonal events per occasion where it could either be a party, exclusive or public, and will have discounted prices. Also, we will introduce seasonal items on the menu such as seasonal or custom drinks and foods. Some of the seasonal events I have in mind are listed below.

  • New Year's Eve Countdown Party - There will be a party hosted with discounted prices for alcohol and food with lots of music, dancing, some special announcements and more! When it comes close to midnight, everyone will get a free glass of Champaign as we all gather for the countdown!
  • St. Patrick's Day of Drinking - On St. Patrick's Day, we will hold a day where there will be various drinking games and contests for the occasion. Alcohol will be discounted, and we will have a special event game at the end!
  • Halloween Fest - The nightclub will be turned into a Halloween Fest with various activities set for different times! The first event of the night will be a haunted maze! Employees will be dressed in scary costumes as customers go through the tunnels being jump scared but also following an intense story. The next activity will be the dance party! Drinks will become available, and everyone is welcomed to the dance floor to show off their best moves to hit Halloween songs! The last activity of the night will be the Halloween Costume Contest! Everyone is encouraged to dress up and participate in the contest, a small vote being held at the end for the best costume!
  • Thanksgiving Feast - The night club will be open to all ages for a Thanksgiving feast. Families will be able to come and enjoy a meal for only the entrance fee. Once inside, everything is free- the food, drinks and entertainment.
  • Holiday Celebration - Santa has come to town! But it isn't any regular Santa. Nope! It's the drunken Santa and his annoying elves! Come take a picture and hang out with Santa after he visits all those crusty children and get drunks, dance, blast some weird Christmas music. Holiday featured items will be available for purchasing as well!
  • Bar Fight - There will be an event scheduled with the crime lead where two gangs will be hanging out in the underground bar. They will start beef with one another before a full-fledged bar fight commences. It will be no weapons, all hand-to-hand combat for the lore of their gangs. Police will arrive when they are informed icly of the situation, and it will be handled icly from then on.
  • Spontaneous Brewing - There will be an event held where customers will be able to participate in a brewing alcohol competition! They will be given various ingredients and will be given a set amount of time to create it. Participants will be expected to detailrp creating their drinks that will be judged by employees! At the end of the competition, a winner will be picked and given a price of free choice of alcohol from the bar and a day in the VIP room for a party!

Another specialty Ace King's Night Club offers is Hosted Events. For different variations of pricing, a party will be able to buy out either the entire club or the VIP lounge for their special events! Food and Drinks will be included in the offer. Rules and regulations for said events will be listed on the discord server.

How many employees will you be recruiting:

1 Owner - There will be one owner of the business who will handle the overall business. They will do just about every job in an effort to run the shop efficiently.

 1 Co-Owner - There will be one co-owner who will act as a helping hand to the owner. They will handle the hiring of staff, restock/inventory and spreadsheets, management of employee behavior and work effort, as well as events.

3 Managers - There will be three managers that are promoted after continuous hard work and dedication. Each member will mainly be put on a section which includes the bar, security or inventory to oversee and run. They will handle the training of new employees, openings, and oversee the general behavior of employees and customers. Each manager will also handle any events that may arise during a season or holiday. 

2 Dealers - These two employees will be assigned to the gambling tables. One will be in charge of Blackjack and the other Roulette. They will do the rolling that's required with the games as well as make sure everyone is playing nicely and fairly.

 8 Bartenders - These employees will be handling the business behind the bar by selling our merchandise which include a selection of liquor, beer and wine as well as some basic bar foods listed above under 'selling'. The bartenders will take the orders of each customer, collect payment, enter the information into the spreadsheet and proceed with a little detailrp of the drink being prepared before handing the item to the customer. These detailrps will be pretty basic, copy and pasted, but enough to give you an experience instead of just handing an item.

10 Security - These employees will be focused on the security and protection of the staff and customers. At each opening, there will be two security posted at the entrance, checking the IDs of everyone entering and collecting the entrance fee, putting the information into the spreadsheet. Another two security will be wandering the floor, looking for anyone who may need assistance or any trouble that may occur. The security team will have their own uniforms.

Total: 25

Makoto De Luca was born into a poor and rather modest family in Italy. However, he does not have many memories of his parents due to them leaving him at a young age. For this reason, Makoto grew up surviving and traveling on the streets. Although, he had not yet set himself a fixed goal, he began to move further and further east, committing petty crimes to get by. He joined smaller gangs, committing acts of violence along with them before leaving for another city not long after. One day Makoto met a girl named Kaylee Yaki. She was a beautiful girl who was carefree in nature, you can describe her as wild, independent and hardcore. Makoto was drawn to her ways of life, and they soon fell in love. They both decided to travel this world together, surviving and living their own lives of freedom within chaos. While Makoto regularly hung out with gangs to get money and protection for themselves, Kaylee was more the kind of person who didn't interact in that life, never letting anyone dictate her. She was more into the artistic lifestyle of the streets, creating art on the walls of wherever they went. After traveling east for some time, the two finally came to a Russian city called Chelyabinsk. Chelyabinsk was in itself a very beautiful city, apart from two competing gangs, "Сокол" and "Скорпион". Shortly after arriving there, Makoto joined the gang "Сокол", seeing as they were the gang that most suited his way of fighting along with his morals. As "Сокол" gained more and more influence, the conflicts with "Скорпион" came to a head and many small conflicts soon turned into a bloody gang war. Each member had an opponent to fight in this war and Makoto was soon faced with a boy, around the same age as him, named Shinji. This boy happened to be the "Скорпион" gang's co-leader's son. They began their battle alongside their brothers and sisters in arms, fighting on the bloody and chaotic streets. Suddenly, a loud scream erupted though the chaos, it was the "Скорпион" leader falling to the sword of the "Сокол" leader during their own intense duel. Amongst the panic from the "Скорпион" members, Makoto was able to slip away from his battle with Shinji, seeing this as his opportunity to end this gang once and for all. Taking out their second in command, Shinji's father. The co-leader was battling with another when Makoto came from behind. Shinji wailed in panic to his father, but it was too late. Makoto thrusted his dagger into the co-leader's back, ending his life. The battle came to a bloody end, with "Сокол" being victorious, though Makoto failed to notice Shinji slipping away that night. Shinji laid in wait, vowing to get revenge once and for all against Makoto for killing his father. Weeks passed and the city was finally healing from the chaos that erupted in the streets and Makoto was back with Kaylee. Everything seemed perfect until one night, Kaylee and Makoto were traveling down a small alley road when Shinji stood at the end holding a dagger. Makoto had nothing but his fists to defend them both, but he failed. Shinji injured Makoto badly, stabbing him in the leg so he couldn't get up before slowly moving to the one thing Makoto cared about- Kaylee. Shinji forced a helpless Makoto to watch as drove a blade over and over into her body, ending her life. In a dark rage, Makoto found the power to stand, even with a stabbed leg and lunged at Shinji, causing him to drop the blade. They fought back and forth, rolling on the ground until Makoto came on top with his hands firmly around Shinji's throat, watching the life drain from his eyes. Shinji desperately sprawled on the ground, reaching for anything that could help him survive when his hand landed on a large rock. He drove this rock into Makoto's head, causing him to fall to the side. Makoto wasn't done, he would kill Shinji for what he did. Makoto happened to land next to where Shinji dropped the blade and he grabbed it, lunging back at Shinji and stabbing him in the neck aiming for his artery. Shinji collapsed to the ground, trying to hold pressure on the wound but he ended up fainting away. Makoto left the scene, limping away with nothing but Kaylee's butterfly chain necklace covered in blood around his neck, something he gifted to her when they first met. He continued his journey alone, traveling further east to Karakura, Japan in hopes of starting over. Makoto joined the Forelli Crime Family, finding a new purpose in crime business, but what he didn't realize was Shinji did not die that night and he was right on Makoto's tail. One night, as Makoto was walking towards the beach where he usually watched the sunset- something he and Kaylee used to do every night on the streets- when Shinji appeared. After an intense conversation, it turned physical, but Shinji was armed with a blade and once again, Makoto had his fists. The fight ended with little to no injuries to Shinji but a fatally injured Makoto with a sliced hand and long slash to his neck. Makoto wouldn't have survived that night if it wasn't for the Forelli Mob Boss, Alan, who had found Makoto and taken him to the hospital. Makoto was out for a while after surgery due to the blood loss he had sustained. Though, when he did wake up, he was greeted by two police officers who told Makoto they had found Shinji covered in blood with the weapon still in his possession, causing him to be arrested for the attempted murder of Makoto. It was a good end to a horrid story. Makoto tried to move on, focusing on the crime business that he soon came to lead not long after the incident. Though, Makoto found himself growing a deep hatred for his life and where it was heading. He didn't see himself as a mob boss. A close friend of his began to notice this and invited Makoto to join him in opening a business, the Kami-No-Shita Night Club, as his co-owner. Makoto saw this as a new opportunity away from the crime business. Makoto agreed to take this invitation, leaving the Forelli Crime family to his most trusted underling. After a couple years of working under the owner to the Night Club, Makoto found a love for running a business and decided to go to college with the money he earned as the co-owner. After four years in a double major, Makoto graduated from his town's college with two bachelor's degrees. One in Business Management and the other in Sales. With his experience and education, Makoto decided to work towards opening his own Night Club with the added aspect of gambling and something he thought would be unique. With the help of an architecture student he had met in college and a loan of money from the Kami-No-Shita Night Club owner, Makoto opened Ace King's Night Club. Ace King was different from the other night clubs, for it wasn't sleek and uptight but the opposite. Makoto purposefully designed Ace King's as an underground night club with walls covered in graffiti, neon lights and road signs stabled to the walls. It was a place for people to have fun, come in whatever clothes they had, not worry about being classy. A place to gamble, drink and hang out. He dedicated the name to Kaylee, Ace being her middle name and King being his. He had finally found his purpose, his goal.

Character Information

Makoto De Luca


Cisgender Male


Marital Status:

Makoto is described as a cold individual but once you get past his walls, he is loyal and warm-hearted. He just expresses his emotions in different ways from others. Makoto is gentle to those he cares about, but gentle in a stern way. Makoto also tends to seem very intimidating, always having a cold, monotoned look on his face or tone to his voice. He has amazing work ethic, very organized and socialable with others. Lastly, he is undeniably loyal to those around him, especially the ones he holds close to his heart.

Bachelor's Degree in Business Managment and Sales

Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean




Thank you for reading! 

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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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