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IGN: Sofia221

Discord: Cutie~Chan#7026

Age(not required): 18


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more):  i what to stop fights around the city and i like to help people and make them feel safe and i like to make people happy and make sure everyone is ok  and i what to do something new and existing  to do and be part of something  and i what to feel safe


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more): I can help with crime on the server and make sure people are safe and protected and i can rp well  i use lunar so i can use hotkeys  and i what to make sure people will feel safe around the city. and i can mek sure everything is good around the place and deal with people 


Do you have any past experience in this field?: no i don't but i can learn fast and i have seen cops in action so i know what to do 


Do you have a Microphone?: yes


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: yes i do under stand but i will respect and obey the rules 


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: well because i am a good roleplayer and know what im doing and i what to feel like im part of something 




Characters Name: Sofia R Lily


Age: 23


Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): because my brother was killed by a crimanal and so i what to stop all crime and make my brother at rest and make him happy and make my family happy 


Characters backstory (100 words or more): Sofia was a child from poor family they struggled to buy food and keep the house then one day they moved to this city and  they came apon wealth when Sofia's dads dad died and so she whated to stay in the city to make her own life  and so her parents moved away and  so she started her high school life here and shes made a few friends but not what she was expecting 


What does your character specialize in?: they specialize in shooting and fighting and making people feel safe and make them feel happy and make sure everyone is ok 


Do you have any questions?:  I do not


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i forgot the backstory
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