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Poseter Chinese Language Application

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IGN: Poseter
What Language are you applying for?: Chinese
How did your character learn the language?: Xiang Wu was born in China however was raised in Korea. Xiang’s caretakers didn’t want him to not know his native language so they helped him learn. He took classes at the age of 5 and grew more interested in his language. After all, he only knew Korean. Xiang had no help other than his teachers and one of the caretakers he’d been raised by. The other kids they’d had didn’t know Chinese either and neither did the other caretaker. He learned through classes, Chinese ads, books, and music. He’d listen to so much music and learned many phrases through them. He’d been so young yet was praised for learning the language so quickly. His teacher passed away causing his caretaker to soon give him classes on Chinese. He learned piano as well, learning many Chinese originals.
How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: Despite his name, this’ll let him speak with other Chinese speakers! Although he knows nearly nothing about China, he knows a bit due to learning it. Learning his native language will make him feel more a peace. He’d hate to be from China and not know their language.



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