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Norwegian Language Application | RomeosDisaster

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IGN(In Game Name): RomeosDisaster

What Language are you applying for?: Norwegian

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Romeo was born in Norway to a Japanese mother and Norwegian father, so he grew up with the language and learned it. This is his primary language for the most part, he knows it better than anything else even though his mother tried to lean him more towards learning Japanese. This being his primary language makes it difficult for him to communicate given he can't speak english and he struggles learning other languages but he's pretty fluent in it anyways. 

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

It'd be realistic for Romeo to know given where he comes from and his backstory, it's a pretty unused language and would be just fun in general to have as well as confuse people since its not very common to see in other rpers.

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Paste the link to this post in the #help channel in the SeoulRP discord when the server is released to get the language on your account! 

Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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