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OOC section:


Discord: KARL!#8905

Time zoneI live in the EST time zone.

Any previous bans/warns? I have no previous bans or warns on SLRP.

Describe your current level of activity on the server: Whenever it gets made public, I would rate my activity a 8/10 given the fact that I have to deal with schoolwork and other things.


Do you have access to a microphone? I do have access to a microphone.


Do you have any previous experience with police work? I don't know too much about police work other than the basics to be frank, but I'm always willing to learn about it and what it takes to work as an officer!


Do you have any experience with CombatRP? I do have plenty of experience with CombatRP and DetailRP when need be, given what I've done on the SchoolRP server. I do think I'm rather decent at CombatRP but I still have a lot to learn nevertheless and I'm up for any criticisms there may be when I do CombatRP. Spending time on SRP has definitely helped me learn the ropes of CombatRP despite whatever else I may need to learn about it.

What motivates you to apply for SPD? What motivates me to join the SPD is due to my general interest in the police force, despite my rather limited knowledge about them. I am very much willing to learn more about anything I can regarding this and I'd say I'm a quick learner. Plus being able to be in the SPD would expand my role-playing experience as I've only done CrimeRP (in the SchoolRP server). I'd like to get to know other factions better and see if I can make any friends along the way, which is likely given how talkative I am. I see that as an asset because it makes it easier for others to recognize me and vise versa!

IC information:

Character name: Karl Tanaka


Character age: 40


Nationality: Russian and Japanese


 Preferred pronouns: He/him


What motivates your character to join the force? What motivates Karl to join the force is due to his personal respect of them, plus his interest in them when he was younger. He'd hoped to join the force and, later on, asked his uncle, who had been in the police force for a while, to help him train for it. He'd also spent many hours learning about the topics he needed and would later graduate college with a criminal justice degree. Hopefully, despite how hard it was for even him to get to this point, he'd land in the very career he'd dreamed about being in for the past two decades.


Is your character familiar with self-defenseGiven the high rate of criminals in Karl's old town (which he had moved to when he was 13), Tokyo, he had to learn how to defend himself somehow. Plus his uncle had taught him self-defense as a part of his training, so he was rather decent at this. This paid off well given how much attention Karl himself had gotten, as he was able to defend himself against assaults. Eventually the people who did harass/assault him left him alone before he moved, once again, to Seoul, South Korea.


How well does your character work with others? Karl works well with others, despite his rather snide remarks that he will make occasionally. He thinks working together is important and will try to do what he can to help his team-mates. He may be a jerk but he does genuinely care for a lot of people, which comes as a surprise to those who know him.


Is your character independent or a team player? Karl is independent, however he's willing to adjust and work as a team player if it means things work out the way they need to. He believes in his own decision making but does listen to suggestions others may make, unless he views them as absolutely irrational. He'd then suggest better ideas if he thinks that the person could do better about whatever it is they're suggesting as to help them.


What makes your character unique? What makes Karl unique is the fact that, while he may seem like a complete jerk to most people, he does care about them and tries to do what he thinks would help these people. He doesn't care what happens to him as long as they're safe in other words. He also has a rather large burn scar on his face from a previous accident, if we're talking about physical uniqueness anyways.


Backstory: Karl Tanaka was born on October 28th, 1987 to a small family in Suzdal, Russia. His father being Ivan K. Tanaka and his mother being Aoi Tanaka-Hashimoto, both of which were migrants. He had been raised in the town by his parents and extended family, spending as much time between both as he could. This was how his uncle, Aleksander, had trained him in police work, mainly the physical aspect of it. Karl had spent most of his time with Aleks when he wasn't with his parents. Even when Karl's personal tutor was in town, he'd much rather spend his time at Aleks's house learning what he could instead. There wasn't much to do, other than train and study in this town. This led to his interest in other countries and eventually, when Karl was 13, he had moved to Tokyo, Japan for education purposes and would end up also being taught Japanese and Korean while he was there. While Suzdal wasn't as eventful, Tokyo definitely was. Sure he had had his peaceful share of things, but there also were certain incidents that would stand out to him. One thing being the fact that Karl had gotten his burn scar from a violent assault while he was wandering town, along with multiple scars that he still has to this day. This was one of the few times he couldn't actually defend himself, but he's just happy he didn't get murdered. There was also the time when he joined a rather large gang, but just his luck that he never got arrested for it. He'd been rather active in said gang and made a name for himself, somewhat. He has done some things he regrets doing. He isn't too proud of this portion of his past and refuses to open up about it. Though this got too dangerous, even for him to deal with. He'd expected a decent level of danger given the fact that this was, no shit, a gang. But eventually he left it due to his own safety concerns and completely fled the country, flying to Seoul, South Korea. This wasn't as eventful as Tokyo was, at least for a few years. So he finished up his college years there and, having his eyes set on the SPD, took an interest in them. In the meantime, he would investigate random cases he felt fit but ran into some . . . issues, which led to him getting assaulted once more. He may have been horrified about what had happened but it didn't dwindle his interest however and he just kept digging deeper into things. This made him a rather big target for people who disagreed with the way he had approached things. He still did have to deal with being harassed, but didn't let that screw him over. Due to this, he tried to sign in to become a cop due to his excessive interest in their work, and that's where he's at today.


Level of education: Masters



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react? I would take a few steps out of range and warn the person to disarm themselves, however if they didn't comply I would attempt to neutralize them to keep them from attacking me. I would then arrest them for attempted assault. If, in the situation the assailant had managed to injure me, I would shoot in spots as to make them drop the weapon or, if needed, to kill them. The latter would only be in a life or death situation however.


While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do? If another officer sent out a distress signal, I would attempt to warn any others on duty about the situation and head out to help the officer in need. I would make sure to keep a weapon on me in case of self defense and to keep an eye out for anyone who may end up attacking me due to the distress signal. That would also apply if I were in a group, but to make sure the others were safe as well. If we find the officer and they're injured, we will take them straight to the hospital as to see what the doctors can do to help the wounded officer. 


You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react? If I was outnumbered by several armed individuals, I would immediately attempt to escape to safety before using my radio to get whatever help I needed. That would be due to the fact that the assailants wouldn't let me call for backup in that situation, given the fact that they wouldn't want to get caught. I would make sure I was out of harm's way before doing this however, unless I had already been injured. Then I would have no other choice but to call for help if I had been injured.


You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do? If a higher up is abusing their power, I will get whatever information I can on them and see if it would add up to them abusing their power. I would at first warn them that their behavior didn't do the SPD any good, but if they just ignored or tried to injure me I would try to use the information I had gotten to report it to Leadership to see what could be done about this situation.

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