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pvchiekisq's Business Owner Application

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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag:


Time zone: 


Server Activity:
None, the server is not released.

Previous warns/bans:

Business Information

Business Name:
Go-Yang-I Tea

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

Restaurant - Tea House

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

My motivation for applying would be to add a more calming experience for the players who wish to have it along with the experience for myself. Having a tea house brings in the traditional idea some may have when speaking of Japanese or Korean cultures and as someone who enjoys the idea of traditional settings, I want other people to enjoy it as well. Having a more calming experience in roleplay is always a must since sometimes people can get stressed and this could possibly help ICly and OOCly, though it's unlikely, having a place someone can relax is always reassuring and I want to bring that to other people as well as myself. 

The new opportunity for different roleplay in this highly active gangRP server, everyone wants a bit of change occasionally, so for the experience for others and myself. I want a new and different kind of roleplay that's calm and relaxing for everyone so it's enjoyable for those who don't wish to gangRP and even those who do who want a moment to relax.

Customer Regulations: 

-Like any other establishment, decent clothes covering areas other guests don’t wish to see is a must.  

- Although it is not required, taking off your shoes before entering the main would be advised, it’s a simple form of respect. Slippers will be given at the entrance to those who do choose to take their shoes off. 

-I would like Go-Yong-I to be a calming and quiet place, meaning to keep your voice in a regular or a softer manner, no yelling is advised. If someone yells and is being disruptive, they will be told to quiet down, if choosing not to do so, they will be asked to leave. 

-It is asked for all customers to be respectful to other guests as well as employees.

Employee Regulations: 

-Employees must wear their uniforms at all times during the shift and stay on the property until the tea house is closed. If you need to leave you will tell someone with authority in the house before leaving and clocking out. 

-Come in on time. I ask that all employees on shift come in at least, or earlier than 10 OOC minutes before opening time. Employees are allowed to be late a maximum of 3 times before they are fired. 

-If there is a reason you can not make it to your scheduled shift, tell someone with authority within the tea house at least 5 OOC days so we have enough time to find another employee to cover your shift. 

-Much like the customers, employees must respect guests as customers are our first priority while they are at the tea house. 

-If an out of hand situation were to arise, take action. First you will try to calm or break away the action with words as that is all you can do, if the situation continues to escalate and is unstoppable with you or someone else’s authority, only then you can call local authorities as the police, this should not be abused or used for something smaller than the police are needed. 

Unique description about your business:

Go-Yong-I Tea House is a traditional looking building, it is built and styled like. While you’re walking to the door it will be full of greenery and well-preserved plants to decorate the front. The path leading to the door will mainly be sand with large steppingstones scattered in a pattern till it reaches the front door. Once you enter you will be greeted with a room neatly decorated along with shoe racks with slippers for guests who wish to exchange their shoes while they are in the tea house. They will then be escorted to a table set behind traditional paper walls, each table having their own individual room for customers to sit in peace. A maximum of 5 separate rooms in the inside holding up to a party of 6 and 3 outdoor seats holding a range of 2 to 4 people at a table (this of course can be changed). Outdoor tables sit behind railing that protects guests from falling into the garden and more greenery that sits in the middle of a ring of rocks. A trail travels around the greenery, allowing guests to view and take pictures with the beautiful trees and flowers. The tea house is hopefully giving off a calming vibe from every corner of the establishment and customers would be greeted with smiling faces of the employees.

References (Interior & Exterior):












Uniform Description: 

Most employees will be wearing a kimono, a different design per position unless given a serious and well described reason why they can not wear the uniform provided I will give them a more casual option, but only under ICly situations and given the right conditions. The uniforms will be made by me and employees are allowed to add any accessories that they wish as long as it doesn't change the original uniform. Changing the design and shading of the given uniform is prohibited and if done so you will be asked to change it back to its original state. 
Inspired by so: 



Uniforms will simply be based on the outfit, each uniform being slightly different but still having some similarities to the reference.

What is your business selling:

Various different and unique teas and sake along with small traditional snacks (sushi, ramen, etc.) that go along well with the tea. On the kids' section on the menu there will be more regular type options such as chicken tenders or mac and cheese for kids to enjoy while their parents enjoy the traditional style foods. The prices for the items served will differ per item.
general idea: 



Milk Tea

Jasmine Green

Alcohol (19+):
Flower Wine

Fruit Skewers
Sushi Platter
Mozzarella Sticks

Strawberry Cheesecake kabob


Occasionally we may hold a ramen eating contest for one free item on the menu or perhaps for the kids or younger citizens there could be a festival mask painting contest close to any festivals that may be hosted, something small but there will be various other events depending on the season and other events that are going on. All events will be relaxing to most or to those who wish to do them. There will be various events where employees will dress up to a given theme, may that be cats, punk, Halloween, or Christmas. 

How many employees will you be recruiting:

The owner (1/1)
The owner of the restaurant will be present at all times out of the way of the workers and the guest, though will try to make an appearance every opening to welcome and help out any workers and guests that many need the help. The owner is responsible for things that happen in the restaurant ICly and OOCly, handling the workers and their pay as well as hiring said workers. The owner must have at least a basic understanding of how to work and understand people as well as understanding how to maintain a good reputation for the restaurant as well as general care in it. 

Managers (0/2)
The managers are entrusted with keeping the restaurant in order if I am unable to be present on an opening. They are responsible for taking over basic duties the owner would normally have to do such as take care of workers and make sure they are alright, helping them if they need help and greet the guests. They will be one of the faces or main face of the restaurant. Both managers don't have to be present on an opening, but one is advised. If the owner is not able to be present, then both managers will have to be present.  They must have a good background, no criminal records that would cause harm to the restaurant in anyway. 

Waiter/waitress (0/8)
The waiter or waitress will be in charge of serving the drink or snack that the guest wants and make sure to check IDs for the alcoholic beverages. They should know how to talk to and handle people in case of difficult or strange situations. They have to be able to handle situations under fast and stressful conditions during busy days. They must have a good background, no criminal records that would cause harm to the restaurant in anyway. 

Cats!! (0/?)
If there are any stray cats in the area, Go-Yang-I Tea and its owner is more than willing to take care of the stray cats, giving them a bath and a vet visit before allowing them to stay and venture on the restaurant grounds. The cats will only be allowed on the outside seating area and will be paid in food and free pets, their job is to love on the customers... That's it. 


U Kang-Dae, having been a shy child, didn't really do much for most of his childhood. He occasionally joined a couple school clubs that his friends joined but ended up leaving. He didn’t put himself out there until later years, gaining confidence over time. After high school he attended college for 4 years to get a bachelor's degree in accounting and business and over those of attending college, he grew a fondness for business. When he was younger, he had no such dream but once he reached late high school to early college his ideals changed thanks to friends and family. Kang-Dae changed his course in college many times, still figuring out what was right for him, finally giving up other options, he took up business. After gaining the bachelor’s degree in college and gaining loads of confidence over his time there, he decided to take the time and work with different ideas, exploring the possibilities of different jobs that could pay well with his degree. 


Character Information:

Name: U Kang-Dae

Last, middle, first name

Age: 32

Birth date: August 13th, 1990

Gender: Male (he/him) 


Extra information:

I have no experience owning my own shop, but I am more than willing to learn the process and commands in doing so with the help of others as well as experience of learning in the process.


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Thank you for applying to become a buisness owner! After reviewing your application I've chosen to accept you for business owner!

What now?

Post your application link to the help channel in the government discord server and ping @enderbubs to get your roles and to get started on becoming a business owner!

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