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  • As an EMS of Seoul, you may not GangRP if accepted.

  • Plagiarized applications will be instantly denied. 

  • All questions must be bolded. 

  • Detailed answers may increase your acceptance rate.

  • You must have basic knowledge of the server’s commands. 


If you wish to be a part of the Hospital Faction, you must be a part of the Government Server [Government Discord Server], and the Server rules [Server Rules]. 


Made by: @fourbros and @alicethingy












If you have discord, what is your tag? 



Do you have a working microphone?

I do! I cannot guarantee that the background will be silent, but I do have one!


Any bans/warnings?



List any past/current applications.




What is your motivation for joining EMS?

I think I'd be super fun! I know tons of people who have been a part of EMS itself OOCly, and I also know people who have been in EMS-related roleplays! I'm incredibly interested! I have an ungodly knowledge of EMS-related things, and have even roleplayed it out myself. I haven't secured any positions in a public server for it before, but I feel this could be a wonderful experience for me!

I also want to be super active within the community! I already plan to have a Student character, but I feel having a character within this faction would boost my activity! I know that EMS, and any government faction, really, is a super active place, and I'd love to be a part of it! I think it gives the opportunity for a lot of strong bonds, and would just bring me closer to the community.


State the role you are applying for [Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Paramedic, Psychiatrist]

I am applying for nurse.


List all the departments of EMS and what they do.

- Psychiatrist Dept.: This branch specializes in the more. . Mental and emotional side of health! They're trained to recognize, find, and diagnose various illnesses and disorders, and even treat them. This branch isn't qualified or trained to treat any major physical injuries.

- Paramedic Dept.: This branch specializes in emergency care! They provide care that is quick, and oftentimes critical to a patient's health and/or life. These are the professionals called to treat patients either on-site, or whilst transporting them to the actual hospital itself. These are the first responders when it comes to massive trauma events, assessing how they need to be treated, stabilizing them, and once again transporting them.

- Nursing Dept.: This branch includes professionals who treat more minor things! They're often the ones who run various tests, exams, and other needed things around a hospital. They can administer various medications and equipment to patients, and even help to assist surgeons during surgeries. On the server, they are required to be at the front desk to check patients in and out, and fill out logs.

- Surgeon Dept.: This branch specializes in, well, surgery! These professionals evaluate patients, deciding on whether or not they are to require surgery or not. They also conduct said surgeries. They're trained to deal with majors injuries, and treat said injuries, often while put under incredible pressure!

- Doctor Dept.: This branch hosts, well, doctors! These healthcare professionals are the people a patient sees when they need to be checked out. They administer exams, diagnose illnesses and injuries, and also treat patients!


How active are you? How familiar are you with Detail/Medical RP?

I'm very active! Once the server is online, I will be able  to be on from roughly 4pm-9:30pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends I'm home!

I'm very familiar with DetailRP, and MedicalRP! I absolutely love to DetailRP, and the thought of it as a whole, and adding the medical side is very fun to me! I'm honestly, like, addicted to DetailRP. If I can plop it into a situation, I absolutely will. That being said, I definitely have bits to learn for the medical side. But, I'm here, and dedicated to learning.


Do you acknowledge that at any point you can be demoted or removed if given a valid reason? [Ex: Guidelines, Skipping Trainings, etc.)

Of course! That's perfectly reasonable!







PART 1: Character Apprehension:


Tell us about your character; how do they look, and what makes them unique?

Mal-chin is a young, Korean male who stands just over 5'8, 5'9 on his good days. He has relatively tan skin, with olive-y undertones, and various little freckles and blemishes. His hair reaches past his shoulders, falling in loose, ebony-colored waves. Mal's gaze is gentle and welcoming, with muddy, hazel eyes.


Explain your character’s outlook on co-workers, personality, and future life.

Mal-chin absolutely adores any coworkers he has. He finds that teamwork, especially in this line of work, is incredibly important. And so, he always makes an effort to be kind to his coworkers, and work with them in any way possible.

Overall, Mal-chin is often a caring, and kind person. He's a sweetheart. Whether he be with a patient, or his close friends, he always acts in a respectful, and kind manner. He finds the happiness of the others around him important. He wants those around him to feel as though they can trust him, and be open! However, he's still relatively strict. He has his boundaries set, and he's very firm with them. Mal is an incredibly difficult person to anger, it really does take a lot for him to get up there. Heck, he's only ever grumpy at best! When he is angry, though, it's obvious. He's snappy, and he's very blunt.

As of right now, he doesn't have a firm set plan with his future! He wants to have his job in nursing, of course, and plans to be with the hospital until his retirement. But other than that, he isn't very sure what he wants. He's open to tons of opportunities, though!


Does this character have a criminal past?

He does not.


Background:[Minimum 100 words]

This backstory isn't the best! I'm working on an actual, thorough backstory as of right now, this was a quick run-down!

 Mal-chin Ahn was born in Seoul, Korea, on April twelfth. He was born to his mother, who was a school teacher, and his father, who worked in a small medical clinic. He had a relatively normal childhood, most of which was spent in a lovely school that his parents worked to put him into. Inside that school, he got good grades, and had a great group of friends. Many of which he's still friends with! When he was in his late 'kid' years, very early preteens, his parents had another son, his brother!

He spent his childhood as a normal child, partaking in neighborhood sports games. His life started to pull itself together when he was roughly twelve. He'd broken his arm while playing in a volleyball game, he'd landed the wrong way. . And, of course, he'd been taken to the hospital. There, he was introduced to the medical side of the world. The entire staff team and environment sparked something in him -- He wanted to work here, like this. He wanted to help people! And so, that's the path he went down. From that day forward, he focused more on his studies. He got excellent grades in his science and math classes, and participated in his school's volleyball team to keep his physical health up!

He graduated school with Honors, and went to a lovely medical-based university, where he graduated with dual majors, Nursing Science and Biology, and a double minor in Psychology and Education. He worked for two years in a different hospital outside of Seoul, but has, of course, returned to his birthplace to pursue a career here. He's recently reconnected with old friends, and has made new friends as well! He's currently living in an apartment with his younger brother, who's chosen to live with him for various reasons.


PART 2: Character Details:


Character’s Full Name:

Mal-chin Ahn


Character’s Title: [e.g. Mrs, Mx, Mr, etc]



Character’s Age: [25+ -70]



Character’s Gender:



Character’s Nationality:



Character’s Marital Status:



PART 3: Academic Details:


Working Experience(s):

Haeundae Bumin Hospital - Two years


Years of Residency:

Two Years


Academic Degree:

Bachelors, Currently working on his PhD


Major (s):

Nursing Science, Biology


Minor (s):

Psychology, Education




As a physician of Seoul, you pledge to practice medicine with humility, honesty, compassion, and integrity. You will provide the best care to the citizens of Seoul, refraining from judgment, the patient’s past, or your own beliefs. 



Mal-chin Ahn

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