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Arctic's Police application

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IGN: Arctic_Fears

Discord: Arctic_Fears#5729

Age(not required):


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more):

 I'm interested in broadening my roleplay experiences on the server, as well as my personal knowledge on the servers crime fighting side of things. I enjoy writing and roleplaying with others, so I feel the PD is the perfect place to get to roleplay, especially with the amount of gangrper's stabbing carotids and starting drama. I want to make a difference in the roleplaying community with my activity, and I feel that between my detailrp and general love for everything law (I was in college OOCLy for forensic psychology) it would make for a fun chance at seeing how things are run from the other side of the KPD stations front desk. Icly, the job fit my characters development and personality.

What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more):

I have great communication skills and i get along with my fellow peers. If a situation escalates  i will try and resolve it with the  proper communication with my fellow officers. I also have a Extreme amount of knowledge of gangrp situations and how to resolve them and counter them. 

 Yes i have been part of the police force of many different rp servers

Do you have a Microphone?:


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?:

 Yea and i fully understand that 

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:

 I am experienced with different types of Rp situations and i'm not here to troll and just mess around I will take the job very serious and i have alot of acknowledgement of law enforcement rp



Characters Name:st  Yashiro "Shiro"  Yushiki


Age: 25


Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words):

 Shiro grew depressed with the death of his mother after the night of her death his father took his sister and just abandoned him later on locked him self from the world he took this expectance to drive him to learn all that he could about being a cop and enrolled at one of the best colleges that could help him further that dream he studied for five years forensic sciences and Criminals investigations later in his life he reconnected with his twin sister who encroached to move out to seoul apply for the Military's police force. soon after his move he got enough courage to go out finally applying  

Characters backstory (100 words or more):

Shiro Grew up in a crime heavy Neighborhood in Busan Korea with his twin sister koi and his two strict parents with one being on the police force and the other one being a Librarian in the cities Library one night Shiro's mom was gunned down after just getting home after work the attacked was targeted at her after she had help take down of the biggest crime rings in the city she was rushed to the local hospital where she was found to be dead. That night Shrio  swore that he would follow in his mothers foot steps doing what ever he could do to protect the ones he love and the citizens of the city and would help keep the crime rates down.

What does your character specialise in?:

 staying cool under pressure he also have Criminal and investigations and Forensic science he also has had some expectance with Forensic Services 

Do you have any questions?: 


Bold the questions, if not bolded will result in an instant denied.

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