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IC - Fill this like how your character would fill it out. 



Position Applied For: School Chef / Baker

NAME IN FULL:  Chiharu Ikari

TITLE:  Miss

DATE OF BIRTH: August 11th, 2000.

AGE: 26

GENDER: Female





EDUCATION - Delete the ones unused


Degree: Bachelor's

Institute: Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy

Registration Date: May 11th, 2019

MAJOR: Culinary Arts

MINIOR: Culinary Nutrition

Graduated: 2024


JOBS - Delete the ones unused


Previous Job Title:  Cong Caphe (Cafe)

Job Position: Barista (Part Time)

Registration Date:  July 21st, 2018

REASON OF LEAVE: It was a part time job and I was about to go to College.


Previous Job Title:  Jungsik Seoul

Job Position: Chef

Registration Date:  February 18th, 2025

REASON OF LEAVE: It had low pay. I had my eyes on Seoul Academy for a few years now, and I also wanted to apply here instead of staying at that job.


LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words):

In general, I really generally proud students for going through everything every day with school, even though they might have things going on at home, and I know most of them do. I am amazed how children can push through the day and act like nothing happened when something really bad just happened to them and I can relate. I feel mainly feel strongly obligated towards helping younger people, and feel empathy towards them in many ways that I can't express. I believe that helping feed them is a key thing for me to do to help, even though its little, it really gets them through the day with energy and I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces when they recieve real, healthy food that actually gives them energy. There is some sort of warm feeling I get when I can just do something to help. I believe strongly that every child has good in them, even if they stray from their path and do something wrong once in a while, everyone in the school is capable of achieving happiness and the staff can help with that by just being there and talking to them once in a while, checking up to see if they are doing alright. So, In conclusion, I love students of all ages and wish them all the best happiness in the world, even if they don't think they deserve it.


COVER LETTER (300 words):

Dear Seoul Academy staff and members, 


I am writing this letter to express my devotion to apply for the position of school chef. I am highly devoted and motivated towards this position, due to my background with cooking and preparing food. With almost ten years of non-stop cooking, I believe I am up to the challenge and pursuant in taking on this role. I have history in many positions involving preparing food, and I am ready for whatever it takes to feed the students of Seoul. 


Throughout my whole culinary career, I have perfected my skills and studied for a bachelor's degree in multiple Culinary areas, Including Culinary Arts and Nutrition, perfecting my skills along the way for 5 years. I believe am completely capable of feeding the students of Seoul and prioritize in my proficience and care that I put into my food. At my old job, I greeted everyone and cooked meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.


One of the most rewarding feeling is to see people after I give them their food. I believe that people deserve good food and I would be able to supply it. People don't understand how much it impacts your day once you've had something good to eat. The most important thing I picked up from Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy is probably my memorization skills and determination. At many jobs, I had to memorize what other ordered because we didn't have a server. So, I could memorize things quickly with good organization. 


My determination skills are the things that kept me going for my whole life. My time at Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy helped me grow in that skill area and pursue this amazing job that I think that both me and the school would benefit from with new ideas and healthy meals no matter the cost. I believe that I can help this school grow in many forms and ways. 


I look forward to meeting you all and hope that you have a wonderful day/night!






DATE: January 10th, 2026


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Thank you for applying although seeing and thinking about your application, I believe you are unable to maintain a position.

After looking over your character's resume, it does not seem right for a girl who was born in 2000 to be 26 considering the year's date is 2023. Time lapse of everything seems disorganized please watch out and use your sources carefully. Also please watch out for your grammar, a lot of it contains simple grammar mistakes.

You can re-apply after 15 days.


Any questions please direct to @possum#0006 on discord.

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Was notified of something late. Regardless said, you still have some pretty bad grammar mistakes in which would appreciate to be fixed in the future application if you choose to apply again. Thank you!

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