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Sakura Industries | SLRP Organization Application

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General Information

IGN (ex. 16chunks):

Discord (ex. Taco#0503):
❀ Lotus ❀#5332

Do you currently have any other adverts?

Organization Details

What are you advertising?
I am advertising a company that consists of Tailors, Artists, Builders, Photographers and Writers!

What is your organizations name?
Sakura Industries

Permanent invite link to the discord:

How many people are involved with your organization?
We currently have 10 and are growing by the day!

What makes your organization unique to others?
We provide more than what other discord companies bring. Seeing other organizations, all i see is a difference in themes and names but always the same roles/jobs. Every server you join usually consists of only tailors and artists, never any of the other essential roles that make our server what it is today! What Sakura Industries brings is not only tailors to create your characters and artists to draw them, but also builders for your housing, photographer for your events and writers for your biographies and character lore. We have experienced workers at Sakura Industries that strive to not only create but share their individualities through their work. 

How long has your organization been active previous to this application?
Sakura Industries was founded on November 25th, 2022. As of this application, the organization has been up and running for almost two months.

Give a description of your organization for the advert:
Founded by Lotus, Sakura Industries is a place for tailors, artists, builders, photographers and writers alike to have a place to explore their individualities within their art, grow with their abilities and share with our customers their creations. This server gives the opportunity for customers to bring their imaginative thoughts to workers who are dedicated to the cause. Come join us at Sakura Industries, a place to be imaginative!


- By sending in an application, you agree that you'll have to transfer ownership, your advert will be managed by a staff member in the government discord, overseen by the directors, and removed upon any violation of Seoul Roleplay rules or discord TOS.
Yes, I agree and acknowledge the statement above!


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