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Roleplay name:

Alexander Arvanitis





Alexander was born 1994 on the 20th of January in Greece athen. He would be born into a loving family consisting of his brother and his two parents, if you asked him about his childhood, he would tell you it seemed normal. However, at times he felt alone and neglected. His family would run their own business in Greece, and he would often play and help in the shops around town. He would be a cleaver kid and liked learning about new things and what not. When the family business was at the top the family decided to get another baby, and that is exactly what happened, however at the time of the birth of his baby sister their parents did not have time to take care of her making their older brother care for her. At the age of 15 the family decided to move their brand name a bit wider and so they settle down in Asia, to be more exact Korea. It was the beginning of something new and exciting! But that excitement was caught short when his brother turned 18, he got forced to move out, his parents wanted the best of him and by that they kicked him out so he could become an adult. hearing this alexander became upset and scared about his future... that night he listens to the fight between his brother and his parents and later watched his older brother leave. Upset by his parent’s actions he decided to cut contact with them. Yes, he still lived in their house, but communication became no such thing. One day as he came home he was surprised to see his parents hanging out with his younger sibling... he took a quick glance all over the room to notice all small gifts and such a 15 year old had gotten... he realized what his parents where doing and was disgusted with their behavior. You could say they looked kind of the same and his parents was making up for his brother’s loss with their younger sister... alexander decided to focus all his attention to his sister and his studies so he could quickly leave and cut contact with them... he would finish his education with flying colors and move out the same year. Past forwards 6 years when his sister was 17, he would get a phone call learning his parents would have been in an accident and died and his sister needed him. He would take her in and foster her, giving her the best chance at live. Now at 29 he would roam the streets, unsure of what he wanted with his life... just trying his best to live day by day. . .



Alexander would have natrual blonde hair but would dye it often. He would have dark green hair with wavy bangs almost covering his hazel eyes. The male before you stood at 6'4 and wought weigh around 180LBS and always wears a calm facial expressinon but could act childish whenever. He would have a natrual strong build and under his right eye you could see a scar going from his under eye to chin. Alexander would have black roses tattoed on his right arm and a scent of some expensive perfume would follow him as he walks.

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