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What Language are you applying for?

How did your character learn the language? 
Lovina was a female born in Paris, France. Both of Lovina’s parents were French but her father passed away once she was 2. Her mother taught her French, making French her first language, Lovina was somewhat of a studybug when she was younger and she and her mother would look and read French books and they would sometimes use flashcards to make learning French fun and easier. Her mother was a wonderful mother and raised Lovina by herself for 3 years until her mother met someone. The male knew some French and soon they started dating for 2 years until they finally got married. Lovina and her new father always had a good relationship. Lovina would continue to learn French from her mother and sometimes from her new father.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: 
This would benefit my character's roleplay a ton due to it being more realistic for her, also with it being her native language and has been learning it since she was a child.  Another benefit for is, interaction and communicate with others who know the language.

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