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RP name: Ren S. Ikari

Age: 26 

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Ren Suzuki was born on June 27th 2000 he was born in Japan in the city of Shibuya. He grew up with his father and mother who looked after him until he was 5 this is when his life changed for the worst as he lost both his parents due to a car accident he then became a orphan. The male was then adopted by the Suzuki family  and he took their sirname. The family took Ren in as one of their own and treat him like he was part of the family. Later when Ren grew up he started to learn more about the Suzuki history and how they were crime orientated and were a crime syndicate within Japan as Ren became 20  he began to be involved within the crime side of the family this is when he met his 3 closest brothers Kuro, Jordan and Akira who were involved within the crime side of the family these 3 were clan higher ups and was just below the rank of leader he worked as a clan member under the leadership of his father. He was loyal to his clan and did everything that was requested from him this ranged from things such as killing or hurting people. As his skills grew started climbing the ranks till he was 25 when he became the lead of the execution squad and worked along side his 3 brothers. When Ren became 26 him and his brothers were sent into Korea to expand the Clan and take on new business opportunity's. This where Ren's brother Jordan decided to take over the clan in Korea and lead it like his father. This is when Ren and his 2 other brothers were selected to be 3 of the highest ranking members. However while Ren was in Korea he fell in love with a girl named Yu-Jun Asahi who he later married and had a daughter with Ren then decided to quit the Suzuki gang side and devote his life to his family however this would later come and cause problems for him as the people that he had hurt while being in the gang found out that he had a wife and a kid and decided to come get revenge. While Ren was out one day minding his own business at his job he got a call from his brother Kuro who came by his house to try visit him this is when he was informed that his wife and child have been killed by Rival groups within the area this is when Ren decided to devote the rest of his life to finding the killer of his wife and child to get his revenge. During his search he decided to re-join the gang side of Suzuki to help his brothers once again run the clan and also to help him fulfil his life goal of finding the killer of his wife and daughter.


[ Ren S. Ikari ] A handsome 6'1 man would stand before you weighing 160lbs. He would have messy black hair with a muscular build. You would notice his dark blue eyes and soft features and the faint smell of mint following him wherever he walked.

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