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Chunk05 Adult application

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IGN: Chunk05

RP name: Kuro Suzuki

Age: 24 

Character backstory and description (over 200 words): 

Kuro Suzuki is a Japanese male, who was born on the 29th of January 1999 in Kyoto, Japan. He would have black hair and light orangey eyes and stood at 6'1. Back in his home, he grew up with his father, mother, and three brothers in a Yakuza family, it was decided from his birth that he would join the Clan and be a part of it when he got to a reasonable age. At the age of 16, he would begin learning everything he would need to know to become a successful higher-up for the clan, doing odd jobs with the current higher-up so that one day he could take over his spot.

Later on in life at the age of 19, he was practically ready to take over, the only thing he was lacking was experience which he tried to gain at every chance. He would have Medium length hair at this point with a dead look in his eyes the whole time and would almost always be seen with his brothers. At this stage in his life, he got into many fights gaining himself a couple of noticeable scars such as a large slash wound on his back and a scar on his face that went from his cheek to his nose.

When he finally reached the age of 24 his father Kuro to the main household to discuss a business opportunity overseas and he had little choice, after the meeting his father revealed that over in Seoul he would be the lead in Intelligence in the gang which he accepted with gratitude. When they left for Korea all the brothers separated and started doing their own things this time Kuro picked up a smoking habit and began gambling and going to nightclubs, while doing his job on the side he gained money and info from drinking with targets of the gang and gained a habit of picking up the clans dirty work. After he realized his brother Ren had a daughter he began to try and become a better man and clean himself up. Later on down the line, Ren gave him the info that his wife and kid had been murdered which led Kuro to go on a revenge streak for his niece attempting to gather any intel on the killers of his niece and sister in law which led him going on a downwards spiral and reconnecting with his brothers again.

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