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SPD Application


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OOC section:





Time zone:


Any previous bans/warns?


Describe your current level of activity on the server:

 N/A; however, I’m pretty active on my PC throughout the week.

Do you have access to a microphone?


Do you have any previous experience with police work?

Though it didn't last long, I used to be a patrol officer for Seoul during first launch, and I’ll take this opportunity to uptake this role again. I'm aware of some of the attributes that a police officer's upholds, as well as frisking, protocols, etc.

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?

As someone who’s played SRP for years, I’ve encountered countless situations that involved CombatRP from minor assault permissions to Kill permissions. I've played SeoulRP in the past and was used to the different rules that regarded it then, I'm confident that I would adjust accordingly to the current set of rules and will abide by them. 
What motivates you to apply for SPD?
On the contrary to being primarily is Gang Roleplayer, I want to try something new and sophisticated. He had the same motive as why I became an SPD officer in the past.  Trying out different roleplay factions allows me to grasp the server better and how it operates as a whole. I want to enhance my roleplay capabilities and belong in the community.  Transiting from CrimeRP to CopRP isn't always a welcome change of pace, although I can do well in this faction despite it. There's always room for improvement. 
IC information:

Character name:

Aizen Katayama 

Character age:



Preferred pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the force?

Aizen always had a solid motive to be part of law enforcement. During college, he’s taken criminology and law, which drove me further to get where he is now to make this application. Aizen grew up in this small town and wants to give back to the community to make it a safe environment for all. In his testimony, Aizen’s been dragged by a random man when he was only in 7th grade, and the officers came and saved him from the oppressor. Since then, Aizen has looked up to cops ever since. Hence, developing himself in the process and getting where he’s at now. 

Is your character familiar with self-defense?

He's heavily into martial arts, so he applies this into his defensive combat style. His moves usually go in for quick submissions, which can aid him in arrests. The sophisticated combat comes mainly from Judo and Jujitsu. [Example: Someone is head locking him from behind, he will shoulder throw person on the floor, and pin them to place hand cuffs.]

How well does your character work with others?

 Aizen tends to be well team-oriented, so him being in a group will be precise in team coordination and communication. He's also been involved in medical situations, and observed many times of the EMT's, which gives him adequate knowledge of simplistic care. This gives him flexibility to not only work with his own comrades, but other factions as well that are first-responder’s related. 

Is your character independent or a team player?

 Aizen may be articulated; however, he is more efficient in working with a team. He likes to know his people personally, allowing him to work for the Seoul Police Department with more ethics. Aizen values virtues of ethics, such as honesty and integrity, which complements the role of an officer.

What makes your character unique?

Aizen is a unique character, and that is mainly due to his virtues. As mentioned before, Aizen is an advocate for ethics. He works not only with diligence but with integrity. Aizen cares about his well-being; however, it does not stop him from jumping in front of a train to save his comrades. Aizen works well under pressure, which allows him to use tactical skills in mists of situations.  

Backstory [100+ words]

Aizen Katayama was born in Seoul and raised by Japanese parents. Aizen was a curious young boy and was sometimes under different influences. Aizen was affiliated with a cult in the school because he wanted to fit in. His brother Myagi didn't get along very well with Aizen, due to Aizen being a heavy troublemaker. This led him to get in bad altercations at an early age; however, surprisingly not get a criminal record. However, one day, there was beef between the other peers, and Aizen got involved with them physically. He got beaten up harshly and was taken to the hospital. Aizen, soon after leaving the hospital, went back to school. He told the members of his cult that he was leaving. However, that didn't go as lightly as he had planned it. After school, a tall man came up to him and grabbed Aizen belligerently. Luckily, there were cops in the area when he screamed for help and was quickly rescued. Ever since Aizen has admired cops as heroes and wanted to be part of them. After graduating high school, he proceeded to college, learning law and criminology, while his brother Miyagi enlisted in the Korean military. 

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]

 Aizen Katayama finished college with a minor in law and a major in criminology. Even though criminology isn’t needed to become a police officer, Aizen believes among the various contributions of criminal psychology to society is its contribution to the understanding, control, and reduction of crime. Policies and initiatives can be developed and implemented to reduce crime by studying crime and analyzing its causes to create and implement policies and initiatives.

If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?

 Although for Aizen this is an unfortunate situation, Aizen will do what he can to prevent anything more violent happening, such as deescalating the situation with words. 

If at a distance, he will call for backup 

Aizen is not a big fan of using lethal weapons, which is why he’d mainly carry around a taser, which would submit offenders, without any significant damage. After tasing the individual, he would make sure of his surroundings, in case it’s a trap of some sort, if not, he’d proceed in cuffing the individual and escort them to the SPD. 


While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?


This is circumstantial, depending on the protocols that are set for SPD to abide by.  In a common sense scenario, Aizen will instinctively arrive at the location where the distress signal was performed. A distress signal usually involves something drastic, such as being surrounded with weapons, or any life-endangering moment, so Aizen will have the Glock out, ready to initiate combat., and make sure the other officers are good and ready. 
You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?

This is a situation that’s very hard to deal with. If given the circumstance if Aizen is by himself and can’t run away, he will do what he can do stall for as long as possible. If stalling not beginning to work, he will neutralize as much as he can, so that backup has less to deal with, though unfortunately, will most likely be Aizen’s demise without a quick escort the hospital. 
This is also a complimentary question, because this shows that Aizen is much more efficient in team-oriented work, although will use force is absolutely necessary.  

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?

There is no doubt that misconduct and abuse of power are serious offenses that ought to be punished with removal from office, or other severe sanctions, according to the severity of the actions. Is Aizen’s shoes, he would leave documentations about the tyrannical behavior to the highest authority possible. Even though Aizen does believe a chin in command, he doesn’t believe anyone is better than someone else. Justice prevails in all factions. 

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