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WIP | Blaire Adler | Biography . ࣪ ˖


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None of this info is to be taken ICly

Template by @sleepiibee (me!)


˚₊ ‧┇  Basics   ————



Name -:    Blaire Emelline Adler

Nicknames -:   B, Bear, Adler


Date of Birth -:   April 12th

Age -:   17

Maritial Status -:   Single!

Affiliations -:   HS Cheer Team, Akio's Bar & Grill


Religion -:   Agnostic

Nationality -:   German

Known Languages -:   German, x


˚₊ ‧┇  Physical   ————


General Description -: 

Blaire roughly stands at 5’1. . Give or take. They have a lean and ectomorphic body; slim, but still holding a bit of muscle. They have soft cheekbones and a defined jawline, and somewhat broad shoulders. . They fall rather androgynously, too! Blaire’s head holds a thick mess of waves and curls, none of which are ever fully tamed. Color-wise, their hair is light brown, with copper and gold hues. Pairing with that, they have two nut brown eyes, which are framed with long eyelashes. Freckles and little blemishes are scattered along their fair skin, though not in any aesthetic pattern. They’re all random! Blaire’s teeth are braces-straightened, and they have sharp canines. Wow!


Height -:   5'1

Weight -:   90lbs

Gender -:   AFaB, Unlabelled

Extra Info -:

Blaire has two scents following them at all times: cinnamon, from their perfume, and coconut, from their hair products. They also wear a variety of friendship bracelets, and have an industrial piercing! Amongst other ear piercings. .


˚₊ ‧┇  Personal   ————


(pers. type) - (trope)

Personality Overview -: 

Blaire is. . Certainly an individual. Oftentimes, they come off rather aloof and air-headed; up in the clouds, and in their own world. Which isn’t wrong, Blaire prefers the peace of their thoughts. But they certainly aren’t oblivious to those around them. Blaire sees and hears all, and is actually rather observant. Blaire’s also an incredibly bubbly person, actively involving themself with those around them! Especially those they’re close with. They value their personal relationships, and will absolutely put those first.

One of Blaire’s biggest traits is their lack of a sugarcoating; they’ll straight up tell you their thoughts and opinions on stuff, even if it ends up with rough consequences. They aren’t really the person to think about those. . In any circumstance. Oops. .


Likes -:   Plants, Cats, Astronomy, Mythologies, Art

Dislikes -:   SPIDERS, Needles

Hobbies -:   Cheer, Ballet, Painting

Habits -:   Leg bouncing


˚₊ ‧┇  Health   ————


Allergens -:

Pollen & Seasonal: Self explanatory. These allergies cause Bee to have cold/flu like symptoms. Not fun! They take allergy medicine for it.

Menthol: An allergy to the menthol compound found within mint. It causes itchiness and swelling to an affected area if Bee ingests it, or applies it topically.

Medical Conditions -:

Anemia: A medical condition in which Bee’s blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. This causes Bee to be prone to dizzy spells, fatigue, bad circulation, and brittle nails - amongst other things.

Eczema: A skin condition causing skin inflammation. Breakouts for Bee are relatively uncommon, as they have the condition well-managed, though they normally occur on their face and legs. 


Mental -:

Suspected ADHD: Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. For Blaire, this often manifests as spouts of hyper-focus, forgetfulness, fidgeting, and sessions of zoning out, amongst other things.

Arachnophobia: An irrational fear of spiders, and other arachnids.

Abnormalities -:   Double-jointed Shoulders


˚₊ ‧┇  Relations   ————



[GRANDMOTHER]  Otelia Adler : ALIVE!

‘ I love you, Mimi. ‘

[MOTHER]  Erica Adler : ALIVE!

‘ Mama! Can I have that one cookie recipe? ‘
[FATHER]  Archie Roth : UNKNOWN!

‘ Erm. . I’m not sure how to feel about you. ‘
[O. BROTHER]  Laurent Adler : ALIVE!

‘ I miss you, Laur. . I can’t wait for you to come home! ‘




‘ quote. ‘




‘ quote. ‘


˚₊ ‧┇  Backstory   ————

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