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Romeo H. Miyahara




Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Romeo was born is Oslo, Norway in 1984. He was raised in a richer household with a well off family, his father worked as a lawyer, his mother running a large chain of hotels in the city when new opprtunities brough them all the way to Seoul! Specifically career opportunities with a pay-raise, and while this was promised this also came with many fights. With this pay raise, they worked longer hour, it create tension and distrust in the family, leading to many fights between Romeo's mother and father and many cheating allegations. Wanting to escape the fights Romeon fled his home at 16 with very little knowledge of Seoul's spoken language [Korean]. This of course, led to a big dialect issue in school as Romeo continued his education up into college where he decided to go into Science and Biology, intending to study paleontology when he grew older. 
Though he did not get this role, he stuck to waitering/fast food/retail, and all those easier jobs that god money on the table and food in the mouths of himself and his child. He had a daughter at around 24, resulting in a one-night-stand he doesn't enjoy speaking about. He raised his child alone by choice, deciding that love could of course... Wait another day. And he did a good job, raising her with manners and to respect those around her. Romeo himself remained to himself, though seen as generally friendly and very fatherly to most, especially young homeless child or otherwise kids coming fro a bad background. He can be described as "Poorly functioning, but an acceptable father".

In his older years he strives to making a better life for himself and his daughter, intending on getting a better job to support himself and his child(ren) in the best way possible. Right now he wishes to acquire a bigger house and a stable career, he seems to have a special eye for one of the SPD.


As for himself as a person/character, Romeo is middle aged, tall, and disheveled older man. He has washed out red hair with greyer streaks throughout that reaches about his shoulders. He's very- messy in terms of looks, often having wrinkled and unkept clothing with a button or two missing, or torn seams near the wrists. He's not very muscley, being more of a ectomorph body-type with very little strength to occompany that. Despite this, he has a very friendly and approachable aura with a gentle smile always on his face and wrinkles creasing the edges of his eyes.

He's very careful, though not very thoughtful he is considerate of those around him, especially those he deems friends. He enjoys making others smile, or at least moderately pleased by what he does for them. Many consider him a 'people pleaser' though its clear he takes great offence to the title. He can be one to hold grudges...


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