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IGN:ReaperLove (yes this is another account)

RPNAME: Zen D.  Ketsueki 



Zen D. Ketsueki is a man who came from japan after his family had fell and the last remains came to Seoul in attempt to escape capturing from the police force as he now traveled to Seoul along side his wife he would attempt to live a normal life or as much of a normal life a retired ex Yakuza lead can as his height and tattoos made it very easy for him to attract others attention to him it made it very hard for him to live a normal life but as time goes on he makes the best of what he can finally living the life of a family man with what little family he has as he has no purpose or reason to continue with his old path after his long-standing Yakuza came to an end after a war between Ketsueki and Ketzu broke out with Ketzu being the main branch family of Ketsueki the inner conflict came to an ending with the win of Ketsueki coming on top and becoming the main branch family after the war Ketsueki had taken a huge hit in numbers losing many as the tried to rebuild themselves up back to their glory the cops set out on an operation called “Operation kill blood” attacking the main base's operation of Ketsueki as they launched their attack Ketsueki loyal members would counter-attack giving enough time for the main branch family to escape as they would split up go different ways as Zen would choose to move to Seoul for a fresh new start as his clan had fallen from grace he finally had the option to live a normal life not many liked the idea but Zen had made his decision he set out to feel what living a normal life with his wife would be like still carrying his sins and I not hiding his past by keeping his tattoos and continuing with life even tho he strays away from answering the truth at all costs about his past.

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