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WIP | Ki-moon Ahn | Biography . ࣪ ˖


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Ki-moon Ahn




None of this info is to be taken ICly!

Template made by @sleepiibee (me mwah), cred if used thx

This bio is a WIP! Most items are subject to change.



last updated : 2-4-23

- Updated everything!




◟⪧  Basics   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Name :    Ki-moon Ahn

Nicknames :    Mal, Professor Ahn


Date of Birth :    April 12th

Marital Status :    Single, Unmarried

Occupation :    Professor

Affiliation :    TBD


Age :    26

Gender :    Male | He/They

Sexuality :    Bisexual


Religion :    n/a

Languages :    Korean, KSL



◟⪧  Appearance   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


General Description :



Height :    5'8

Weight :    138 lbs

Prominent Marks :    A freckle under his left eye



◟⪧  Personal   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧

Personality :

Like many, Ki-moon has. . Different sides of his personality.



Likes :    Cats, Orchids, Cozy Sweaters

Dislikes :    Spiders, Tangled yarn, Beetles


Hobbies :    Crocheting, Volleyball on occasion


Strengths :    WIP

Weaknesses :    WIP



◟⪧  Health   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Allergies :    Pollen

Abnormalities :    n/a

Addictions :    n/a


Disorders :    n/a

Complications :    n/a


◟⪧  Relationships   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Family :
[ ALIVE ]   54   Ha-Rin Choi - Mother

Ha-Rin -- Ki-moon's mother! He adores his mother, and admires her. In his eyes, she's a very brave woman! They have a good relationship, talking nearly everyday. He wishes she'd move back to Seoul.


[ ALIVE ]   56   Kyubok Ahn - Father

Kyubok is Ki-moon's father. They have a decent relationship, definitely not close, but it's decent. They talk on holidays and birthdays, and the occasional time outside of those two.


[ ALIVE ]   18   Ishya Ahn - Brother

Ishya is Ki-moon's little brother! He adores his brother, constantly doting on the poor guy. He's rather protective over him, too, and acts very. . Parental, towards him. Ki-moon wouldn't trade the kid for the world, he wouldn't trade him for anything. Ishya is easily one of his favorite people. Ishya currently lives with him.


Friends :

[ ALIVE ]   18   Erika Adler - Close friend

Close Friend - [ ALIVE ]

Ah, Miss Erika! The two first met when Ki-moon was in his second year of college, and quickly became fast friends! The two are always a hoot when they're together, and have even gotten into, erm, some trouble! Nothing serious, of course! He's close to her family, as well, and often looks after her two children.


[ ALIVE ]   17   Blaire Adler - Family Friend

Blaire is Erika's youngest! Ki-moon is very close to this one, the two always have fun whenever they're together. He considers Blaire to be family, and is insanely proud to have the 'Cool Uncle' role in their life! He adores the kid, and is one of their biggest supporters in life.


[ ALIVE ]   TBD   Laurent Adler - Family Friend

Laurent is Erika's oldest! Ki-moon and him aren't insanely close, but they still care for each other, and consider the other to be family. Laurent is. . A troublemaker. That's the kindest word for it. Mal has gotten him out of tough situations countless times. And while he's upset during these moments, the affection is still there.


Romantic :




◟⪧  Backstory   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Early Childhood :

Middle Years :

Teenage Years :

Early Adulthood :

Adulthood :

- all wip!


◟⪧  Notes & Extras   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧

- ex

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