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Why do you want to join the police force?


The reasoning for my ambition of joining is to enhance the roleplay experience, not only for myself but for others. I have never done something like this before, so I figured it would be an enjoyable learning curve. I also want to see how far this field of roleplay will come and hope to be part of a beginning foundation to the server. As previously mentioned, my main motive is to not only enhance the overall server experience but also make possible friends along the way. This will also give me more insight on the POV for the officers, rather than being biased. This leaves doors for more opportunities to interreact not only in just criminals, but also aiding others.


What can you bring to the police force?


My attributes can aid the police department in missions and overall patrol. I tend to be a people person, so I get along quickly with people. I have been in CombatRP for a long while now, so I'm familiar with the types of scenarios that usually play out with citizens vs. cops. I put ethics into the things I do, such as integrity and accountability, which I think is something many people lack when it comes to the things they do as a whole. I'm willing to learn and adapt to new rules and abide by them.


Do you have any experience in this field?


Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, I do not. However, I think it would be a great opportunity to apply now so that I can get use to the concept while it's fresh. 


Do you have a microphone?




Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?


Yes, I am aware, and will respect this rule.


Why should you accept you over the other applicants?:


As I stated, I believe the ethics and values I put in as a person can make the overall experience more enjoyable for other role-players, this would include the oppressors in the roleplay. I play fair, so I think it would be apricated amongst the server. 


IC Section:


Characters name:


Aizen Katayama






Why do you want to be apart of the force?:


I always had strong motive to being part of the law enforcement. During college, I've taken criminology and law, which driven me further to get where I am now to make this application. I grew up in this small town, and I want to give back to the community to make it a safe environment for all. In my personal testimony, I've been dragged by a random man when I was only in 7th grade, and the officers came and saved me from the oppressor. I looked up to cops ever since.  Hence, developing myself in the process, and getting where I am at now


Character backstory:


Aizen Katayama was born in Seoul, raised by Japanese parents. Aizen was a curious young boy and wasn't always in the right influences. Aizen was affiliated with a cult in the school, because he wanted to fit in. This led him to getting in trouble at an early age, however, surprisingly not getting a criminal record. However, one day, there was beef between the other peers and Aizen got involved with them physically. He ended up getting beat up harshly in the process and was taken to the hospital. Aizen soon after leaving the hospital, went back to school. He told the members of his cult that he was leaving, however that didn't go as lightly as he planned it. After school, a tall man came up to him and grabbed Aizen in a belligerent manner. Luckily, there was cops in the area when he screamed for help and was quickly rescued. Ever since, Aizen always admired cops as hero's and wanted to be part of them. After graduating high school, he proceeded into college, learning law and criminology. 


What does your character specialize in?:


He's heavy into martial arts, so he applies this into his defensive combat style. His moves usually go in for quick submissions, which can aid him in arrests. He tends to be well team-oriented, so him being in a group will be precise in team coordination and communication. He's also been involved in medical situations, and observed many times of the EMT's, which gives him adequate knowledge of simplistic care.


Do you have any questions?:


Not as of now, however, I do tend to ask question along the way of my journey. 


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