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WIP | Ishya Ahn | Biography . ࣪ ˖


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Ishya Ahn




None of this info is to be taken ICly!

Template made by @sleepiibee , cred if used thx

This bio is a WIP! Most items are subject to change.


IC Introduction :

' x '

In-Game Description :





◟⪧  Basics   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Name : Ishya Ahn

Nicknames : x


Date of Birth : October 29th

Marital Status : Single

Occupation : TBD

Affiliation : TBD


Age : TBD

Gender : Male | He/him

Sexuality : Pansexual


Religion : Atheist

Languages : Korean



◟⪧  Appearance   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


General Description :

Ishya Ahn can be seen as a 5'6 Korean male! He is a bit below average when it comes to height, but that's alright. He has light colored hair, as he dyes it often. He can normally be seen with neat and tidy hair, his hair is quite short and only reaches around his ears. He wears some very light makeup from time to time. It is barely noticeable! He has a mesomorphic type body as one of his favorite things to do is swim, due to this he has some pretty long legs and arms. He does not have marks on his face, he takes very good care of his skin. Nor does he have any sort of piercings! His eyes are a light shade of blue, and are accented by his long lashes. 

                                                                                                          Ishya carries the scent of honey, and coconut.

Height : 5'6

Weight : 120 lbs

Body Build : Mesomorphic

Prominent Marks : None.


Equipment : TBD


◟⪧  Personal   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧

Personality :



Likes : Swimming, music, orange.

Dislikes : Sweets.


Hobbies: Swimming, Playing video games, and reading.


Strengths : WIP

Weaknesses : WIP



◟⪧  Health   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Allergies : n/a

Abnormalities : n/a

Addictions : n/a


Disorders : n/a

Complications : n/a


◟⪧  Relationships   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Family :

Ha-Rin Choi - 54

Mother - [ ALIVE ]

Ha-Rin -- Ishya's mother. Ishya loves his mother of course! However he is definitely not as close as Mal is with her.


Kyubok Ahn - 56

Father - [ ALIVE ]

Kyubok and Ishya used to be very close! They would do everything together, until Ishya completely disagreed with something that he did. . . Now he is no longer in contact with him.


Mal-Chin Ahn - TBD

Brother - [ ALIVE ]

Mal is easily one of Ishya's favorite people, in the world. He adores him, looks up to him and wants to be just like him! He has been glued to his side since they were little! Of course Ishya believes he probably annoys his older brother for this. . . but he does not care. 
Ishya currently lives with Mal!


Friends :

Erika Adler - 43

Close Friend - [ ALIVE ]

Miss Erika! Ishya and her have a decent friendship, but nothing compared to Mal and hers friendship. He only has an issue with one of her children. . . as he is very rude to Ishya on occasion. Other than that, he does not mind her!


Romeo Miyahara - Age



Slot 1 - Age

Relation - Status



Romantic :

Slot 1 - Age

Relation - Status




◟⪧  Backstory   . ࣪ ˖⁩✧


Early Childhood :

Middle Years :

Teenage Years :

Adulthood :

- all wip!

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