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Porkchoppyu Adult application

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IGN: Porkchoppyu

RP name: Jordan Suzuki 

Age: 27

Character backstory and description (over 200 words)

Jordan has always been such a clown and being so silly, all about having and there's never a dull moment when your with him. Often in school he was liked by everyone and hung out with people all time almost never being alone. But he had a family and a life outside of partying and hanging out with friends, he worked as a Vet in downtown tokyo, he was know all around Japan as a famous veterinarian for helping thousands of animals and being successful every single time he was praised for his amazing work every day. Other then his work life he was really close with his family, his family consisted of his 3 brothers (Jordan being the oldest) and his dad. The three brothers were extremely tight and did everything together no matter what it was, whether it was bathing together as kids or going to a bar together as adults they always had each others back. They have recently decided to get out of town and move on from there past life being around there dad, He recently passed away due to a heart attack. They all wanted a bright new future not looking back at the sad past of there dad, all they can think of now when it comes to Japan is there dad. So they are starting fresh in Korea!

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