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Family Advertisement Application | lialaq

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Do you currently have any other adverts?

No, I do not have any other adverts.


Organization Details:


What are you advertising?

A family.


What is your organizations name?

The Ikari Family | SLRP


Permanent invite link to the discord:



How many people are involved with your organization?

I have 15 people involved so far.


What makes your organization unique to others?

The Ikari family is a wholesome, strongly bonded korean family that keep each other and it's values close. I believe that our family will bring people together with many exciting roleplay ideas to come! Our family will allow anyone of any background and it's welcoming and coherent nature will help it grow as a whole and individually. Everyone in SLRP deserves a family like that, and we will be celebrating each and every one of our members to the fullest, not just some, but everyone. Our family will be kind and loving, accepting all kinds of styles and ideas to keep the community prospering and it will help with the growing community as a whole, and that's why our family will provide a unique impact in Seoul.


How long has your organization been active previous to this application?

Two days before I made this application.


Give a description of your organization for the advert:

Families are things everyone deserves to have. Even if you do wrong, you should always have someone there to support you in your decisions and help you when you really need it. The Ikari family will do that with love and kindness no matter who you and whatever background you come from, we will take you in. Families are something everyone needs and deserves. Families really impact your life and help you grow and change as a person. The Ikari family will lives off of those values and loves each and every one of it's members in a non-toxic environment. We hope to see you soon!




- By sending in an application, you agree that you'll have to transfer ownership, your advert will be managed by a staff member in the government discord, overseen by the directors, and removed upon any violation of Seoul Roleplay rules or discord TOS.


I agree with these rules and will follow them.

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