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Porkchoppyu's Unverified gang app

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Gang Name: Suzuki

Gand Lead IGN & Discord: Jordan Suzuki  Porkchoppy#1368

Gang Description:

Originally the Suzuki Clan ran a small section of Kyoto, Japan, and this dated back to 1962 when they were at their best controlling and extorting protection money from the public while running their weapon and drug cartel in the background, they gained a lot of money and power, everything was going well until a rat informed the police of the drug cartels existence which in response to this information the police sent multiple teams out to crack down on the underground business. Almost all of their owned businesses were shut down by the police and a large amount of the higher-ranked members had to go off the grid causing the Clan to lose a lot of wealth, power, and public favor. Around 1985 the son of the original Patriarch took over what was left in ruins by the old hierarchy and decided he was going to return the Clan to its former glory. He began to start up underground businesses such as weapon selling and an underground fight club, around this he formed a new hierarchy that wanted the same thing as them. By the early 2000s, the Clan was nearly in the same state as its prime they were well known and feared due to the new ruthless ways, and even the police were worried by their presence.
In 2023, The patriarch sent 4 of his sons to Seoul, Korea to expand the Clans influence, he put the eldest in charge and sent them off to spread the family name and make more money.

During the beginning when they first arrived, they laid down a foundation and began gathering funds and making connections but after a while, the 4 brothers separated and started doing things separately which led to a decrease in the gang's income. Not long after this several serious issues led to the brothers coming back together to start working towards the same goal, to bring profit and power to the clan through any means necessary this meant both increasing production on the drug cartel and being quicker to draw weapons.

Gang Discord Perma Link:              https://discord.gg/m723KFaj

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Server is not out as of current, however I will not be doing gang applications from this point onwards.

More to be announced within the Black Market Discord.

Hello, I am Matt. Otherwise known as Manager at Technical Team. Reach out to me on Discord for help and other things: @fqm


Community Manager

Black Market Lead/Crime Lead

Laundromat Owner

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