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I am 16 years old.
If you have discord, what is your tag? 
Do you have a working microphone?
Yes, I have a working microphone.
Any bans/warnings?
I have not been banned or warned and plan to keep it that way.
List any past/current applications.
I have not applied before.
What is your motivation for joining EMS?
My motivation for joining EMS is that it’s a new experience which I’ve only really touched small bits of and I really enjoyed those small bits make me want to delve even deeper into MedicalRp as I think it’s a really interesting part of roleplay I don’t experience quite often which also makes it an interesting part of the server I wanna learn about especially since I know people who do a lot of MedicalRp and love it and that gives me the motivation to try it out myself and put in the effort to learn all about it.

State the role you are applying for [Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Paramedic, Psychiatrist]
List all the departments of EMS and what they do.

Nurses provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their families. They are similar to doctors but they stick around with the patient longer during the visit. Doctors maintain, promote, and restore health by studying, diagnosing, and treating injuries and diseases. They hop from patient to patient, giving diagnoses all around and prescribing the correct medication for the diagnosis given.

Surgeons operate on patients to treat injuries such as broken bones, diseases, and deformities. They are also responsible for the preoperative diagnosis of the patient, for performing the operation, and for providing the patient with postoperative surgical care and treatment.

Paramedics respond to calls for emergency medical assistance, ranging from CPR or helping stabilize a patient whilst transferring them to the hospital. They assess a patient's condition and determine a course of treatment, usually resulting in them taking them to the hospital for further treatment from a doctor.

Psychiatrists typically are focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders for patients that come into the hospital either looking for help or have been in an accident.

How active are you? How familiar are you with Detail/Medical RP?
I am very active since I have quite an open schedule or atleast plan to be when the server releases. I usually spend my time either doing school work or just getting on roleplay servers, playing from midday to late at night. I can average 8-10 hours on a normal weekly basis. I am familiar with DetailRP but not too much with MedicalRP as I’ve mostly focused my roleplaying experience in environments where I wouldn’t need the medical expertise of a doctor or nurse so I have very little experience with MedicalRP. I would love to learn more about the process of doing MedicalRP though. I do have knowledge of basic medical procedures performed in real life.

Do you acknowledge that at any point you can be demoted or removed if given a valid reason? [Ex: Guidelines, Skipping Trainings, etc.)
Yes, I understand that I can be removed from this faction or demoted at any given moment.



PART 1: Character Apprehension:

Tell us about your character; how do they look, and what makes them unique?

Chae is a slim Korean male who stands at about 5'8 with his semi-long dark brown hair normally tied up in a bun. He has slightly tanned skin and he has deep brown eyes. Chae has a very feminine look to him due to his body being a more feminine figure. At a quick glance, he could be mistaken for a woman for how he dresses and how he expresses himself. I think what makes him unique is the way he views things in a positive light.
Explain your character’s outlook on co-workers, personality, and future life.
Chae would look at her co-workers as friends wanting to get along with them to increase the workplace morale and get to know them better. He’s a quite social person who loves talking with people if he’s met them before or not always smiling or having fun with others. He also likes to be quick on his feet getting things done quickly instead of prolonging them for later as he enjoys having his free time as well. His future life would probably still be working as a nurse as he plans to work for a while because he enjoys his profession he also plans to have some sort of family in the future not sure if he wants kids or not but he definitely wants to settle down with someone at some point in the future.

Does this character have a criminal past?
No, his criminal record is clean
Background:[Minimum 100 words]
Chae was born in Daegu, South Korea, to Korean parents. He had a mostly peaceful childhood until about the age of 15 when he began to become more feminine, causing him to become a victim of bullying in school, which caused him some mental health problems, but he powered through it even though it's never left him that he isn't normal in some peoples eyes but still not paying attention to their comments and doing what felt right for him.
As Chae grew older, he volunteered at animal shelters, retirement homes, and other areas where he could help people in general, which he really enjoyed doing, so he jumped at the opportunity to help more people. Figuring out what he wanted to do in the future, where he was debating which path he should take but ended up choosing nursing school because he felt it would offer him more opportunities to pursue what he enjoys. He would graduate and would then move to Norway for a while, spending a year in one of their most important hospitals as a learning experience because he was new to the job. After about a year, he would come back to Korea, staying in his hometown for about a month before traveling to Seoul, seeing greater opportunities than in Daegu. So in short he had a pretty simple childhood
PART 2: Character Details:

Character’s Full Name:
Chae Yungsoo
Character’s Title: [e.g. Mrs, Mx, Mr, etc]
Character’s Age: [25+ -70]
Character’s Gender:
Character’s Nationality:
Character’s Marital Status:
PART 3: Academic Details:

Working Experience(s):
Drammen Rikshospital (Norway) 1 Year.
Years of Residency:
A year
Academic Degree:
Major (s):
Nursing Science, Biology
Minor (s):
Sociology, Journalism, Creative Writing.

As a physician of Seoul, you pledge to practice medicine with humility, honesty, compassion, and integrity. You will provide the best care to the citizens of Seoul, refraining from judgment, the patient’s past, or your own beliefs. 


Chae Yungsoo

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