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Uxinyr teacher application


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IGN: Uxinyr

Age: 16

Why do you want to join the Teacher Team: The teacher job just interests me because it sounds fun and I think it would be good for roleplay purposes as I am trying to improve my roleplay in lots of different ways and I wanted to try something new for a change. This teacher job interests me because I get to meet lots of new people and have fun while doing it. Teaching is all about having the right Knowledge and competence to help others learn new things so that they can go on and do more for themselves then.

What can you bring to the team: I can bring lots of different things some of them being I can take control of different situations, I can cooperate with others and I am a good listener and I think I have the right amount of knowledge to teach all the pupils icly loads of different things to help them do better, I am also very active and when something needs to be done I will be there most of the time to get it done and when anyone needs help I am always available too.

Any past experience in this field: So far I don't have that much experience in this field but I know most of the stuff due to having to listen to teachers myself and I understand the teaching job to a certain extent to be able to carry it out and do what needs to be done, sometimes teaching can be sophisticated but for some that have the right amount of knowledge I think it's pretty straight forward. I am always ready to learn new things as well and learn more about the teaching job.

Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: Yes, I fully understand the consequences that may come with the role of being a teacher and I know that if things don't go to well, I am at risk of losing the role, however if I get accepted I can assure you that I know everything including what might happen if I mess up with the job and I will accept it.

Why should we accept you over the other applicants: I think what's different about me is I am a good listener and can listen to anyone for me with this teacher job communication is one of the key things that you need to be able to do to a certain level as you have to be able to teach a class and listen to what everyone has to say, I am also really friendly to those who are respectful and I can work with, therefore I will find it easy to treat everyone well and hopefully with the same respect they will give me. It is easy to rely or fall back on me to get something done because most of the time I am always available.


Characters name: Eun Mori

Age: 29

Why would you want to be apart of the team?: I would like to be part of the team because I find this job interesting and teaching has always been a huge dream of mine even growing up as a kid, I have always wanted to stand in front of a class and learn them all new things so they can take those skills into the life of work and use them. Teaching for me is interesting because if there is anything I don't know I will learn it through teaching others, I have very good knowledge and communicating with others is something that I specialize in.

Characters backstory (100 words or more): Eun Mori grew up in a city called Icheon-si his mother and father were in debt and were living in a 2 bedroom house along with him and his 4 siblings everyone was cramped in and some of them even slept on the floor or the sofa Eun’s father found a way to escape the poverty and started doing drugs and selling them in order to gain more money, this was wrong of him, as he got more into dealing he slowly started turning mad and the money got to his head soon he would take it out on all his children abusing all of them Eun’s mother was broken in bits as she couldn't do anything or she would be hurt as well, one day Eun refused to do what he said this ended up in Eun being beat almost to death as he was put into hospital with life threatening injuries it was there Eun decided he would treat all children with the most respect he could assuring himself that he would go the opposite way from what his dad done. Eun loved to write and loved children his love for children would grow as he moved to Seoul due to his mother dying and his father being locked up, his siblings would soon follow him as he would help them everyday carrying them all on his shoulders, he had a lot on his head at the age of 20 he soon left school and decided in the future he wanted to be a teacher as it fascinated him, He then left school with a masters degree and bought himself a car and a nice house things were looking bright for him, the only thing was now is that he was lonely and needed people to talk to now and again, he started writing as it was like a hobby for him and learned lots of different things that would soon aid his knowledge, he liked to write about life and the more simple things that was going on in his life.

What does your character specialize in?: Eun would specialize in English literature, Eun would also love to analyse different text and learned a good few things in his writing skills by doing so, every time he is somewhere he will always have a notebook with him to write about all his different experiences in life, Eun would be a more observant male and is really good at reading different people's personalities, Eun would love to write about different stuff he could smell, see and hear as it persuaded his writing.

Do you have any questions?: No, But thank you for your time


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