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Discord Tag : Orange#5284

Minecraft User : xXXuanderXx

Age: 26

IC - Fill this like how your character would fill it out. 



Position Applied For: Chef/Baker

NAME IN FULL: Ren S. Ikari


DATE OF BIRTH: June 27th, 2000

AGE: 26






EDUCATION - Delete the ones unused

                                                                                                                                                       Degree: Bachelor

Institute: Yonsei University

MAJOR: Baking and pastry arts

MINIOR:  Culinary arts

Registration Date: September  8th, 2018



JOBS - Delete the ones unused

Previous Job Title: Maybell Bakery

Job Position: Baker (part time due to university) 

Registration Date:  January 17th, 2019

REASON OF LEAVE: After finishing his life at University Ren decided to pursue a new job of being a chef/baker. He also decided to leave as he wanted a change of pace within his work and also wanted better pay.

Job position: Baker

LOOK OF STUDENTS (150 words):

My view on the students is that they are doing really well within there school life and most of them are striving to achieve what they want to achieve. I believe that some students can be very complicated and difficult to deal with however this would be easily sorted as I could rather help them get on with their day or send them to the detention if they keep persisting. Overall I am very proud of how they deal with the long hours of school at a young age and still want to keep learning. I know some of this maybe difficult in the school day but they keep charging on and deserve the happiness they will get while been at school and also after school.

Cover Letter: 

Dear Seoul academy staff and members,

This letter is to show how committed I am to apply for the position of chef/baker. I’m really dedicated to getting the job due to my previous background of doing things, such as getting my culinary arts degree, aka going to university for baking and cooking. Also, I’m currently working in a bakery somewhere else in Seoul. Since I was 7 years of age, I had an interest in cooking and loved doing things such as helping my parents and grandparents with baking when I was younger. So, I believe this would also make me be a good fit for the role of chef, and of course, I’ll fulfil my role and make sure all students eat a good, fulfilling meal.

I have improved massively in the culinary and baking world during my career. When I first started, I could not do many things but as I persisted and carried on trying to learn more dishes. This would help me be a good fit for the role. If I did something wrong, I would try to correct the mistake next time and improve on the error. I’d also be able to deal with the students, as I can easily adapt to the environment I am in. Someone can easily teach me as well and I listen well to people who are trying to help me.

One thing I personally get from being a chef is happiness. When people comment on my meals, no matter if the commenting is bad or good, I’ll take it and try to improve on it. This is why I would be a good fit as I would fulfil what meals the students want but I could also build on how the meals are made and look as this will make more of them eat the food meaning they will have more energy and be ready for the rest of the school day. Other than what I personally would get, I think the students would enjoy every meal I would give out, as I will make them tasty. As we all know, without an excellent, fulfilling, and tasty meal, you would not have enough energy to carry on the rest of your day.

I also feel that taking this job will help me become better at being a chef/baker as I’ll be able to make a variety of different types of dishes and food for many people, meaning I’ll be getting criticism that will help me improve and expand on. Also, I will gain many new dish pallets as in my previous job I mainly focused on Baking which means I can also work on my cooking skill and keep improving them.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you have a wonderful day’s dishes.

Your sincerely 

Ren S. Ikari

DATE: 13/01/23


𝑅. 𝒮. 𝐼𝓀𝒶𝓇𝒾

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Thank you for applying although seeing and thinking about your application, I believe you are unable to maintain a position.

After looking over your character's resume, it does not seem right for a guy who was born in 2000 to be 26 considering the year's date is 2023. Time lapse of everything seems disorganized please watch out and use your sources carefully. 

You can re-apply after 15 days.


Any questions please direct to @possum#0006 on discord.

kitty cat meow ฅ₍^⸝⸝> ·̫ <⸝⸝ ^₎ฅ

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Was notified of something late. SLT (including I) still decide that you are unfit for the position for grammar mistakes (as well most likely) as well as disorganization and (SOMEWHAT) lack of understanding the questions. If you still wish to reapply you may do so after 15 days. We wish you luck, MOE. Refer to my discord above if you have any questions.

kitty cat meow ฅ₍^⸝⸝> ·̫ <⸝⸝ ^₎ฅ

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