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Haneul S. Ikari | lang app

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IGN(In Game Name):Smiley247365

What Language are you applying for?: Italian 

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Haneul S. Ikari was born in an English household but grew up in Korea. His mother was Korean and his father was Italian. While going to Korean schools, he would pick up his father’s tongue over time due to him being around his father so often. His father would only speak to Haneul in Italian, so he would be forced to learn it fast or fall behind. To learn Italian, he taught it by watching Italian shows, flashcards, reading Italian books, and writing in Italian. It took about 24 weeks for him to become fluent in Italian, but he did get there with spit and grit. However, he was about 10 years old, trying to learn Korean and Italian simultaneously. Sometimes he struggled and mixed them up, but in the end, he got over them and learned them fluently. 

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: being able to speak in multiple language will help him excel in the path that he's going to be taking which is going to be gang RP

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