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Adult application DrBright_

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IGN: DrBright_ 

RP NAME: Takida Katakuri

AGE: 24

Character backstory and description: Takida is a 6'5 man who smells faintly like alcohol. He has curly brown hair, and honey golden eyes. He had a slightly muscular body, but looked like he'd been in his fair share of conflicts. His right hand had a tattoo reading '片栗' 

Takida was born in japan to two young parents, Akuma Katakuri, A Russian-Japanese man and his father; who was 16, and Puerto Rican woman, Sai Ryn. His mother, 17 years old. His parents were hardly adults when he was conceived.. An act of teenage idiocy. 8 months into the pregnancy, his father had gotten himself arrested for an assault charge.

The first year passed without much issue, Sai taking care of the child as best she could as a single mother. It was never truly easy, a learning experience for everyone involved. As Takida grew, so too did his mother, having to mature very quickly. As if no time passed at all, the child could speak, and walk. Three years since he was born, and Takida had already gotten a mouth on him, always finding trouble with his mothers friends and family. Quick to temper as well. Unfortunately for himself, and his mother. He never lost his attitude. For the next few years, him and his mother struggled together, it wasn't easy for Sai to support a family alone. 

She worked while Takida went to school, occasionally having to pick him up because he was sent home due to a fight, or whatever act of insubordination he had done. Their routine kept them going for the next few years until Takida was 13. His father had been released from prison and finally found out where Takida lived. All this time, Sai thought he left them, so thats what she told Takida whenever he asked where his father really was. 

The boy was walking home on a cold evening when a man, bright honey coloured eyes, the same as Takida's stopped him in his tracks. "Takida.." Akuma said, tears in his eyes.. Finally able to see his son, but the boy was confused, not sure who the man was. He asked how Akuma knows him, so the father explained himself. This enraged Takida, conflicted on who to believe. This man, who never once even wrote a letter to him! Takida pushed Akuma away from him, as hard as he could, and ran. He ran home, bursting through the door while sobbing. Sai was greeted, confused by her child, crying harder than he ever has before. She quickly comforted him, asking what his issue was. So he explained, as best he could, through his hiccups, and cries. Sai was mad. Was this really the reason the father was absent? She never believed it. Not for a moment. 

A couple weeks pass after that, Akuma making attempts to talk with the boy, every single time though, he was brushed off. The next 3 years were like this, Akuma struggling to explain, and Takida refusing to believe him. Again, like when Takida was just 13, Akuma had found him, walking the road to a convenience store. Akuma was behind him, quickly jogging up to the boy, shouting to Takida, to stop. Startled, he turned around to be greeted with his father, looming over him. He was tired today, he had just gotten into a fight at school and was simply trying to buy something to eat. He hadn't the energy to yell at his father, or run away. So for the first time, he let Akuma explain. The story was finally told to Takida, and again. He was conflicted. Because he was older, and more mature. He was able to think, and comprehend the situation. Finally, Akuma was believed. Takida had a father.

He his this conversation from his mother, who'd recently found herself in a bout of depression. Takida began to spend more time with Akuma, his father sharing stories of his criminal life.. And how, he still was participating in dangerous activities. See, Takida was always a man who'd disliked the rules set in place by society, so he asked his father if he could do what he did. Akuma was apprehensive at best, but took him under his wing, teaching him how to fight. He taught Takida how to properly defend himself, or even others when the time called for it.

One night, during a spar between Takida and Akuma, Takida's phone began to ring. They called off the match, and he answered the call. It was from his mother. After Takida answered the call, Akuma asked who it was. Takida said that it was his mother. Sai heard who asked, she heard Akuma, and all her hatred towards Akuma was simply amplified. She screamed for Takida to come home, and start packing his bags. He tried to explain, but she wasn't having it. She said it was her, or his father. Akuma told the boy that it was okay, he'd find them. He trusted his Dad, for once, and left to go to his home. 

His mother was already in the process of packing their bags, angry and in tears. She threw a suitcase with Takida's luggage at him, and told them the two of them were leaving, to go to South Korea. Takida didn't know, but they had family back there, a lot of family. Many hours flying, and driving to an airport later, they made it to Seoul. Sai knew Korean, so she took responsibility for finding housing. It took the rest of the year to get settled, and by this point in time, Takida was 18. His mother was teaching him Korean, and he caught on pretty quickly, learning how to communicate in simple sentences. Enough to communicate his needs.

Finalizing his school career, wrapping up his highschool education as he turned 18 was difficult, a new school, in a new country with a new language, if it wasn't already hard enough. But, he made it. He stood, proud of his achievements as he received his diploma during graduation. Takida had applied for a job at Akio's bar and Restaurant, as a waiter, and had gotten accepted. A year of saving at his work allowed him to get his own apartment at 19, and build his own career, getting a second job, managing Donquix LTD. He's 24 now, waiting for his father to find him, so he can build a criminal empire.

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